Tampa and Gulf Coast Locomotive Rosters - 1926

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In Rails Beneath the Palms, there is a photograph credited to the Seaboard Coast Line collection, of a Tampa and Gulf Coast locomotive bearing number 431 and PINELLAS SPECIAL on the front of the smoke box. It was heading eight or nine passenger cars that were backed up onto the Belleview Biltmore grounds. Does anyone know the Whyte's classification of this locomotive? Another picture, showing the rear of the observation car, displays the ACL herald separating the legend PINELLAS - SPECIAL. Were these all ACL cars or Pullman cars? I would like to model this train and era in HO as my grandfather's millwork shop (New Port Richey Novelty Works) was served by the Tug N Grunt in the 1920's. Any information regarding T&GC rolling stock (including MOW) would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

-- Reynald C. Feldt Jr. (reyfeldt@yahoo.com), January 07, 2001


In the book FLORIDA'S RAILROADS by MacLeod & Murdock (priv.pub.1994) the three T&GC Baldwin 4-6-0 locos are listed as No.s 17, 18 & 19. There is a possability that the Pennsylvania State Railroad Museum in Strasburg, Pa., may have a photo of one of these locos since they are holders of the Baldwin Loco Works builders photo collection.

-- Tom Underwood (tlunder@attglobal.net), January 09, 2001.

In May 1923 the Tampa & Gulf Coast Ry. rostered the following cars: Coach - 23, 24, 503, 504, 505(5 cars), Express - 600(1 car), Combine - 500 & 502(2 cars), Flatcar(36ft) - 103-120(recently purchased/11 cars), Camp(m-of-w) car - 200-209(9 cars) and Caboose - 5(1 car). Freight cars were lettered "T & G C".

-- Tom Underwood (tlunder@attglobal.net), January 08, 2001.

Also, forgot to mention...T&GC RR rostered three locomotives...they were all 4-6-0, Baldwin 1914 vintage...they became SAL 693, 694 and 695, respectively (see Prince SAL pp. 93 and 246).

-- Ted Strickland (tstrickland@pol.net), January 08, 2001.


The T&GC RR was "absorbed" by the SAL in 1927. The T&GC RR was the sucessor to the T&GC Ry (1913). This was SAL's route to St. Pete (Via Gulf Coast Jct-Sulphur Springs), where it connected to the TN (SAL acquired in 1925) and gained access to TUS.

The Pinellas Special was always an ACL train, and the ACL 431, pictured in Robert Mann's book on pg. 107, was a P3 class 4-6-2 Pacific, built by Baldwin in 1914.

Read the caption on pg. 107 carefully..."the ACL had conceded the direct Tampa-St. Petersburg route to the T&GC......." Also, the Bellair spur to the hotel was an ACL line.....

I have copies of T&GC timetables from 1918 and 1925 (via Big Al)...I can share with you, if you wish.

That is the basics....if you want more, contact me here in St. Pete...

Ted (727) 866-1023

-- Ted Strickland (tstrickland@pol.net), January 08, 2001.

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