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I have recently been introduced to the joys of open water rowing. I have just built a traditional looking boat of John Welsford's design for use on the lakes around Rotorua. I'm keen to get in touch with anyone who is interested in day/weekend cruising.

-- Lloyd Houghton (, January 07, 2001


hi Lloyd In Nelson (NZ) we have a small open water rowing group happening. Small, there is three of us, two in Nelson, one in Christchurch, plus a few less enthusiastic (about rowing) small/traditional boaters. I have a Wellsford Joansa, my friend a Gartside Flashboat. We are a wee way from the Rotorua lakes, but if you are ever this way... It would be good to hear from you. Open water rowers are thin on the ground (and even thinner on the water).

Best wishes John

-- John Hitchcock (, April 04, 2001.

Hi Lloyd Open water rowing in NZ ; I'm one of a number in the middle region of New Zealand using Maas aero and 24's plus A Joe Thompson Wherry Double....we use the Whanganui River/Wellington Harbour plus Porirua Harbour and some offshore stuff around Mana Island but are always ready to explore new venues ....we've also been using the boats for teaching newcomers and novices etc...also Auckland guys are doing stuff; Jeremy Cooper [open water rowing Ltd email] is having Maas and Thompson boats built under licence and interest is growing staedily....also Greg Reid at Custom Carbon in Auckland is involved....cheers Rod Trott

-- Roderick Graeme Trott (, April 18, 2001.

Llyod Found your site on the web. Hope you know how to swim, although you can probably stand up on Lake Rotorua should you ever capsize. Happy rowing.

-- (, May 28, 2001.

Hi gang - havejust found the site. I am based on the Kaipara Harbour @ Paparoa. Row mostly my own designs/builds. Would like to meet up with anyone in this area.

-- Peter McKinnon (, April 20, 2003.

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