want to raise black java's, where do I get them?

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Hey!! just want to find a reliable chicken breeder, to purchase a healthy set of Black Javas. I would grately appreciate any information. thanks Melli bea

-- melli bea gurny (Ericson4@msn.com), January 07, 2001


Hi, Try www.mcmurrayhatchery.com. I buy my chicks and poults and all other fowl from Murray McMurray and they are very helpful. You can order a catalog over the internet or buy direct on the internet. Good luck.


-- Mary in East TN (barnwood@preferred.com), January 08, 2001.

Try this place:


I know they keep a breeding flock and sell eggs and adults.

-- R. (thor610@yahoo.com), January 08, 2001.

CS had an article about Black Javas about a year ago. I lost my mags during the recent move somehow, or I'd find it for you.

My brother has had black javas for a couple years now. He got his from the farm mentioned in the article, Somewhere in Northern Illinois around the Fox river someplace. Email me and I'll get ahold of the brother and find the address for you. The farm has a couple of open house days a year w/ lots of other endangered farm animals also.

The javas are really pretty. They glisten a blue-green in the sunlight. And They are HUGE!!! I couldn't believe how big they are. Most of the roosters are way past knee high. I don't know how prolific they are at laying or how broody they are. I'd like to get some just to keep around and look at. John

-- John in S. IN (jsmengel@hotmail.com), January 11, 2001.

Duane Urch in Minnesota raises Black Javas. He raises very nice birds. When you said that you want a set, I'm assuming you would prefer an adult pair. If you are interested let me know and I will post his address/phone.

-- Trisha-MN (tank@linkup.net), January 14, 2001.

I got mine last spring from Garfield farm (see address above). Great people. Very helpful. I got straight run of 25 - 10 males and 15 females. Butchered all but one of the roosters. The roosters do get big and so do the hens. The hens lay well.

-- Dan Vincent (farmerdan130@msn.com), January 14, 2001.

If all else fails, write to these folks:






-- ~Rogo (rogo2020@yahoo.com), January 15, 2001.

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