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Jen, slc punk! is a fantastik fucking movie!! i see you also like it. :) matthew lillard is a convincing punk child. hehe.

just thought id say so.

ta ta.

p.s. cool layout. later. sg.

-- snare girl (, January 07, 2001


Oooo yes. Loverly wonderful movie. Mathew Lillard rocks my socks. He's such a cutie :)

-- Jen (WINTER@NYC.COM), January 07, 2001.


-- LEILA (, February 22, 2001.

slc punk was most definitly an excellent movie...lillard was at his fucking best for sure. i feel like i'm living that fucking movie in colorado springs right now...the last true punk signing out -lorenz

p.s. FUCK YOU!

-- john lorenz (, April 06, 2001.

I thought that it was a decent movie, but the fact that it portayed punks as people that have nothing better to do than go around beating the living fuck out of hicks(which i also dont like), smoke weed, and drink beer till the fucking cows come home. some parts are pretty funny though, but it doesnt always make me proud to be a punk.

-- Lars Frediksen (, June 23, 2001.

i think that this is one of the best fuckin movies ive ever seen i swear me and my friends r livin this now its fuckin hilarious with more truth throwin in than ne other movie i can relate to

-- Jill McCarty (, June 24, 2001.

I thought it was a extremly funny movie, but the fact that it potrayed punks as people who hate Jesus pissed me off. I think Lillard was great in the movie, Im a punk and i love Jesus. but hicks do piss me off though.

-- Mikey (, June 25, 2001.

i was watching that movie and realized shawn was wearing my fuucking clothes. that was scary. then i further realized that the shit what happened to him is so the kind of shit that would happen to me. sad really. but that was a fuckin great movie.

-- vacant little boy (, June 26, 2001.

the movie portrays most of all your punk lifes. in the end you are the loser, and you made no difference, think about that :)

-- sean (, June 28, 2001.

you never expect the fall to occur to you, but in the end you are older and more mature, its a good thing, but it will come to an end and you cant escape it. One day you will grow up and then you can look back on it and cry, that is what happened to me, But there will always be more punks, why? because of the idea, its bliss, its paradise, and i will never forget it.

-- Stevo Jacquemin (, June 28, 2001.

I think that was a great movie! i cant get enough of it!it reminds me of all my friends cause we live in a town that has nothing not even a crappy walmart so we go around freaking out the local hicks for fun!


-- cayla (, June 30, 2001.

I loved SLC PUNK!!! Micheal Goorjian is sooo hot in that. So is Matthew Illard. It was fucking hillarious. I loved every moment of it and cried when bob died.

-- Dana (, July 16, 2001.

Ok whoever complained about the potrayal of punks in the movies shut up it does not potray us all just that small group no where in the movie doea it say that ALL PUNKS ARE THIS...... never but i see my life is like both bob,stevo,sean,the mod guy etc...I am the bufferof insanity hince the name pyro

-- Sean (Pyro) (, July 24, 2001.

I agree. The movie wasn't meant to put out the idea that all punks act just like that or all punks do this and only this. First of all, it's just a movie, it's just a small look into the life of a punk, but not even a real live punk to begin with, you have to remember that.

-- Jen (, July 26, 2001.

SLC punk kicked major ass! finally a movie that tells it how it is and shows what punk is really about, an idea. not clothes or music or drugs or anarchy. sure that stuff is important but punk is about individualism; being yourself and not giving a fuck what anyone has to say about it. i think a lot of hick fuckers need to watch this movie!!!!!

-- jerrica (, July 29, 2001.

SLC punk was a great movie. The acting and camera angles etc... was very impressive. I liked the plot. You know, i think that everyone in the world ends up to be a poseur. People of all kinds. we all try way to hard to be something in this world. People should just be who they are and not care so much about being a poseur or not. :) If you dislike what i say, just email me, man.

-- jen louie (, August 19, 2001.


-- NJPUNKRAWK (, August 22, 2001.

Dude I love Bob!!!!!!!! Michael Goorgian is the hottest thing on the planet. I want to have his lovechild. I love the fuckin mowhawk fuck yeah. If anyone could pull off the mowhawk, it's him. He has perfect lips and I love him. OH MY NON-EXISTANT GOD!!!!!!! He looks delicious.

-- Ivana Humpapunker (, September 17, 2001.

i live 15 mins outside of slc and my history teacher last year, was in the whole mid-80's punk movement in slc and said the movie was a good portrayal of how it really was. she said she had a mowhawk, of course i wouldn't believe it now. anywho, a very good movie that made a good point- you don't have to act punk or dress punk to be a punk, it can all be a state of mind. then again, is there a real defintion for being a "punk"?

-- fro (, September 27, 2001.

i can't get enough of that movie... ahh... it's like an addiction to crack... I MUST GET A HIT! anyway... steve-o is the hottest guy in the world and the movie applies to every genre really... so it's the perfect movie! fun for the whole family!

gotta love the blue hair...

-- tiFfNi (, October 06, 2001.

slc punk was the worst fuckin movie i ever saw. anyone who likes that is a poser. it just says that the punk way of life doesnt work, and maybe it doesnt to those egotistical, superficial, close minded, greedy bastards, but IT FUCKING DOES!!!!!!! any girl who calls any of the actors cute and calls herself punk needs to meet up with me so i can kick her ass, fucking teenyboppers.

-- (, October 07, 2001.

Oh and I suppose YOU are punk with your cute little punk email address? People aren't watching the movie so they can pretend to love it and call themselves punk.. It's just like any other movie.. That being that it's JUST a movie, nothing more.

-- Jen (, October 07, 2001.

help me out here....

i'm being bob for halloween - am i missing anything here?

Mohawk (bye bye hair), Leather Necklace, green Military Jacket,white Long Underwear, Skull & Crossbones Ring?? (is it?), cassette Tape Belt Buckle, Black cut-off Pants, Blue Boots.

i'd appreciate any help on this -b

-- bryan wilson (, October 22, 2001.

That sounds about perfect... And a very cool idea for Halloween, too.

-- Jen (, October 23, 2001.

SLC Punk is the worst movie i've ever made. i fully regret making it. remember when i said "DEATH IS FOR POSERS" blah blah blah. i hate you all.

-- Matthew Lillard (, October 29, 2001.

No, Matthew, I think you've made worse movies than this... Really.

-- Jen (, October 29, 2001.

i'm a prep and loved the movie. the fact that you don't need to dress punk or look punk to be a punk was a good point. i look like the biggest prep but act more individual than most people i know. (the part where Sean thinks that Bob is jesus kicks ass)

-- Neo (, November 01, 2001.

SLC PUNK is most definately the koolest movie ever made. A movie that finally portrays the punk lifestyle as it is. But i agree with all the ppl who have said this is only a movie. All punks r not the same and this movie is just one example and not a generalization. I can relate to Stevo so much, I try so hard not to care but its not that easy. But overall this movie frickin kicks ass.

-- J (, November 26, 2001.


-- Mary to the P (, December 02, 2001.

SLC PUNK is my favorite movie and will always,even if i watch it a million times,the only bad thing is,it portrays anarchy as chaos,and its not.If you believe so then goto they dont talk about sk8punx,non-racist skins(SHARP),goths,and other subclassi- fications of punk in the 80s. love,peace,unity,punkrock,anarchy-chris

-- Chris O (, December 03, 2001.

I have read every single one of your messages. You are all fucking losers. Yes SLC Punk was a great movie, but you need to look beyond that, into what punk really means. It doesn't mean to live the life of some actor playing a part as a punk! I bet that half of you watch the movie like 8 times a week and see what clothes Stevo and Heroin Bob wear, and you probably walk around quoting the movie, this is not the punk life. The punk life is to walk around listening to the music you like and to wear the clothes that are most comfortable and the style that you like. So if you wear absolutely nothing that hints that you are a punk, but if you are a punk because of what you believe in and because you love punk music then you are a true punk. And for all of you who walk around saying "Fuck you," and "Fuck Society," just because you think thats what punks do get a god damn life. THank you.

-- Mark E. (, December 06, 2001.

I think if you walk around CONSIDERING yourself a punk and listening to a certain type of music and thinking you happen to like the right clothes that you are a punk, then you really need a life with all that considered as well.

Hey I'm punk. Punk rock. I wear really cool ripped clothes and I have spiked green hair. OoOhh.

Yeah, okay. Great.

-- Jen (, December 06, 2001.

Jen I agree with you agreeing with me. And a further note don't you hate those damn jocks who walk around wearing a football jersey, skater shoes, and a coat with Dead Kennedy's patches and Ramones shit sewed on.

-- Mark E. (, December 06, 2001.

Actually, I don't know anyone like that...

-- Jen (, December 07, 2001.

We're all poseurs in that we're all full of it, in one way or another. The something that we are is, for the most part, the something we're pretending to be. We all have to pretend a little to be ourselves and when we move on and become something else, we tend to look back and laugh at how phony we were.

-- Ty (, December 08, 2001.

fucking great flick awsum mucic and not to forget yummy yummy punk rock girls rebalion and not giving a fuck is one if the best things in the world but to me the ending kinda told me that well the good times rool go with it but i guess all good things must come to an end witch kinda blows but fuck it i guess till that day fuck you all

-- chris brown (, December 10, 2001.

Yeah, I totally loved SLC Punk!. It's a brilliant film.. I swear.

In this film, all of the punk are always wearing their ripped shirts, with the awesome hair and whatnot, and I'm fine with that, but punk is in your heart. It's on the inside. You don't need to look punk to be punk... just like Mike. Something that I liked about this film is that, well, in every other movie that I have seen Matthew Lillard in, he sorta struck me as goofy and odd. In his film, he proved that he can be better than that. I didn't even see him as Matthew Lillard, I saw him as... well, Stevo. Ehh... I have not much to talk about. Watch Sid and Nancy, that's another good one.

-- Eric (, December 17, 2001.

Awesome movie. I watched it back when it first came out. Then when my friends started getting into the punk thing (As they call it) i showed them the movie and gave them a brief history of Punk and what it ment... they still dont get it. Im the kind of guy who walks around, doing what i want, being what i want. I wear my spikes and people stare, but i just smile back, thinking they wont attempt to understand the freedom. To me, Being a Punk is all about Individualism and Listning to the Music. Then again, i could be wrong.

-- Relorian The Misfit (, December 29, 2001.

People are taking this movie way too seriously. It's a good movie and it's entertaining. However, since I'm a huge fan of the punk/emo/hardcore scene, I have to say that this movie is not an outright rejection of the punk lifestyle in the end. Stevo just realizes that he is headed down a road to nowhere. It didn't work for him. I doubt if they made a sequel Stevo would have stopped listening to the music and stopped wearing what he wanted. He just realized that punk doesn't have to be self-destructive. Wear what you want, listen to what you want, educate yourself on current events and issues you talk about, AND BE YOURSELF.

-- Patrick Koucheravy (, January 05, 2002.

Omg this is one of the most amazing movies i have ever seen i can't believe anything is this great and amazing i love it so much i am going to watch it a million times before i die....and if i could i would watch it after i was dead!!! it's the greatest movie!!! and for anyone who hasn't seen it go fucking see it!!! if you don't you are missing out!! Most Amazing Movie Ever Go Watch It NOW!!!


-- Megan (, January 17, 2002.

I loved SLC punk. I would say im not a punk but I still loved this movie. Personally I loved the part when Matthew lillard his parents to f*ck off...however he put his mohawk was great...i also thought all the ideas in the movie were just normal ways of thinking for young people...granted they may have had their own little spin on things, but you can pretty much break them down and all young people would agree with them. later..

-- ShagMasterFlex (, February 07, 2002.

Well this movie is a good movie but a horrible display of true punks. like they show us as drunks, pot heads and other monstropsaties, i ahve to problem with pot heads or aything but the movie makes ut seem like we are all a bunch of stoners and bums. and if you think that any of the actors are cute and watch a flick like this cause thats what you think you are a fucking poser and if you begin to act like a punk or dress like a punk after you saw this movie then you are also a fucking poser. well that all that needs to be said other than if your relatioship with you girlfriend or boyfriend is based on fucking and not love than that is not as relationship you poser and if your friendship is based on drugs and alchohol than that is a fucked up relationship

-- Matt Webb (, February 13, 2002.

I agree with whoever said SLC Punk is a good movie, I loved it but a lot of you people are taking it way too seriously. It's just a movie, it's based on the punk scene in the 1980's. I have no idea how acurate it is and I don't really care. This movie wasn't meant to be a documentary, it was supposed to be entertaining. The only other thing I have to say is: you don't have to listen to punk music to be a punk.

-- Jeremy Heavner (, February 18, 2002.

I have to agree SLC Punk is a very Fuckin Sweet movie! Me and my friends can not stop laughing at the sceen with bob and shawn! One problem though! I have been looking all over the internet for a screen play or script and i cant find one any where! If anyone can help please send me one! I loved the movie to ,but as said i didnt like the way it made all us punks out to like hate god or something! But this movie is my very favorite movie! Who agrees though that the sceen where steve-o and sandy are in the park droping acid, thats a fucked up sceen!???? See ya !

-- J R (, February 18, 2002.


-- pat (, September 13, 2002.


-- David Greeson (, November 13, 2002.

YO FUCKFACE!!!!!!(pat) that tirade was the biggest crock of shit ive ever read. you belong with the pack of degenerates that should be penciled in for a visit from the angel of death. im one sick motherfucker that wants to disembowel you with a wooden cooking spoon!! that movie was kick ass and you are the only one who thinks otherwise. go ahead come over to my house witha "pump shotty", i will kill you. if you shoot me , you better fuckin kill me

-- David Greeson (, November 13, 2002.

First. of all... I just like to say.. SLC Punk... Sucks.. Now i dont really care.. what you think... Everyone who see this thinks its so great and its just cuz you think your punks.. But your not!.... Really this film was so. Misunderstood it makes me sick... Like fuck.. Doesnt anyone understand the whole message in this dumb pathetic waste of a movie... No we got more retarded new age punks. that dont know what the hell they are talking about ...calling... Other ppl posers.. and shit...

-- Tim (, December 13, 2002.

this movie was terrible. it was a fucking hollywood flick attempting to reach out to the punk community, protraying mainstream actors in shallow punk roles. What pisses me off even more, is stevo goes on about how he believes anarchy, a system in which there is "total chaos," which i find to be complete bullshit. After studying anarchy, i ve realised the extreme faulsities in stevo s statement. Anarchy is not everybody running aroud screaming "HOORAY NO LAW." Anarchy gives the freedom to the individual, so the individual can create a system of rules and regulations to abide by. Furthermore, if you attack somebody or hurt somebody, you are intruding on their personal freedom, which anarchy supports. So in the end i guess Stevo really was a big poser.

-- noah (, December 15, 2002.

So yea, I saw the movie funny as hell great I loved it. And for you guys who sit here on a fan based website contradicting every1 go suck dick its fucking dumb gawd. The movie was good it was also just a movvie in wayyy different times from now. Nobody is an individual and if you are good luk I cant see it being possible Punk is being urself not caring what others think and not doing whats the biggest craz4e its also about the punk music which i love but i lvoe emo and metal and classic rock too but im not saying im a punk in my eyes punk is in the soul, the attitude if u want to call that punk then i am i wear my chucks they are awsome i have loved them since i was little before i knew what punk was i got my spikes just cuz i like looking different cuz i dont like the damn stereotypical preps a real punk doesnt judge others and for all you punks that wont wear chucks or wont listen to blink 182 cuz they are "poppy" or too "trendy" then you are a poser and when you look at the big picute arnt we all posers? think about it non of us would know what a punk was or is if it hadnt been for some1 who started it years ago and hey look at us now a whole new generation acting like the originals if that isnt trendy then i dont kno what s but the movie was funny and great and it was just a movie and for all you "punks" who hate this movie get a sence of humor and learn what punk is the movie was entertainment not the fricken bible and yes i liked their outlook on religion im athiest so i support it and we all know anarchy cannot work in todays society so get over it fgreat idea sure, but the guy has a point who are we gonna call when we got some1 holding a gun to our heads if we dont believe in the system? well im dont now so all you "punks" can maybe take this in and hey im not saying im a punk but this is my beliefes anf fraknly i dont give a fuck if u agree or not

-- Britt R (, December 17, 2002.

I think EVERYBODY needs to lay off. Yeah, it was a good movie, and yeah, it probably doesn't portray the punk scene perfectly. It's a movie, for crying out loud. If it bothers you, don't watch it. It's that simple. Nobody should be accusing anyone of being a poseur - everybody in life is posing as something; nobody knows who they truly are, it's a fact of life. So don't be too quick to judge. If you say, "YOU MOTHERFUCKER YOU'RE A FUCKING POSEUR YOU'RE SO FUCKING STUPID," aren't you just trying to sound cool by saying "fuck" every other word? Aren't you posing as something by doing that? It's useless to spend your free time insulting people you don't even know. I'm only 17, but I know there's a lot more to life than trying to intimidate people online. Get off your butt and go find it.

-- Em (, December 19, 2002.

Punk is dead. You like punk now? you are a follower of fashion not a real punk (unless you are a leftover from a time gone by)

-- Miss Tickle (, January 21, 2003.

since when was punk dead??? it will never die... ohh and its not about the way you dress or anything but the way you live FUCKERS

-- chris (, January 24, 2003.

hey do any of you know where i can get the listings of ALL the music that was played in the movie just not the soundtrack. if you do emai me at the address above thanks. it all comes from your soul

-- Rich (, January 26, 2003.

Alot of people stated some good points. But most of you are acting like this movie was spoken straight from the mouth of a heigher being. Ok folks its a MOVIE. But it does create emotion in the audience. I loved the movie. It inspired me to be myself dispite other peoples stupidity. Punk will never die. As long as there are people who do their own thing regardless of anyone else then punk will be alive. And it doesnt matter what they wear or who they hang out with or what kind of music they listen to. Its about the individual person. and everyone in the entire world including myself will be posers untill they learn to be comfortable with who they are. Now the majority of the people on here like the move so if you just came on here to say fuck you i dont like it. you are stupid. and should go to hell. unless you have a valid opinion with valid statments to back it up. So in conclusion the movie was great, punk will live forever, and blah blah blah

-- Kai (, February 09, 2003.

as a punk i can tell you that the movie is one of the most truthful punk movies that i have ever seen, but if you only like it cuz of all the PUNK stuff then you are a fuckin loser and you are not really punk. ANARCHY IN AMERICA

-- johnie (, March 15, 2003.

Hey, come on people don't argue about this stuff, you're not supposed to argue about who or...what punk is, ya know? If punk is the expression of individuality then nobody's a poseur. Right? We're all ourselves wiether or not we believe in one thing or another, or wiether what we belive in was inspired by someone else. the same time...everyone's a poseur right? If you're on the quest for individuality then it's hopeless....'cause.....ya know we're all humans and we all need the same things to survive....If you really think about it, we're all just animals that are smart enought to develop a society...then why break it? Wouldn't that just make us wild animals? Can anyone really imagine life without laws or rules? That's anarchy, and not only would it suck, but it would be impossible. Everyone has a system and unless you're dead you can't escape it. You're born, you live....and you die. No one has any say in it either. I'm not agreeing with anyone or giving a speech.. *on purpose!* I'm just saying that if you believe yourself to be a punk, then believe it, it's just a way of life, and if you truly injoy it, who can tell you otherwise? I mean really. I listen to punk rock. Not because I want to be a punk, actually, I wouldn't wanna be stereotyped. But I listen to punk rock because I LIKE it. I like most of it. I'm 12 years old, I am, and I like The Ramones, they're fun to listen to, and I actually like music that came out before I was born. I don't care if someone else would say it's oldies crap or whatever, because I like it. I also listen to Generation X, Sex Pistols, NOFX, ... I do like most of their songs! That's okay, ya know? I'm not lying to be cool, I don't give a shit if you think I'm a poseur, hell, maybe I am a poseur and everything I'm saying is a load of shit. lol, I don't care, I'm just gonna do what I always do ya know? Go to school, fall asleep in math, come home, go on my computer and listen to music. Maybe throw some horror movies in there and I'm all set. If you hate me, jesus christ, hate me. I have a lot of enemies, trust me, lol. Join them! I'm sure it'll be fun for you, you can taunt me and laugh at me, and I'm sure the package deal comes with a great dental plan. Okay, I'm done talking, my fingers hurt I can't type this long, lol. Bye


-- Samm (, March 19, 2003.

And SLC Punk kicks ass!! Woo hoo! Go Stevo! and Bob! Yeeah. Sorry, had to do that. lol


-- Samm (, March 19, 2003.

slc punk is the bestest movie ever! i swear i love sean (who careshow much acid melted into his leg??) lol but yeah I've seen alot of stupid movies where they totally make punk looks so fake, glamerous and "FUCK YOU"ish, but this wasn't one. this was just funny, tells it like it is, and convincing. yay for slc punk.

-- ashi (, March 22, 2003.

SLC Punk! is a great movie... i want the script but i can't find it anywhere.

-- nora (, March 30, 2003.

I loved the movie, i watch it all the time with my good friends. i love the way the movie showed that true punk passion. what can i say that has not been already said:This movie made me feel alive inside!

-- Noelle (, April 07, 2003.

hey real punks don't get on the internet anyway, haha. I liked how the movie was narrated as if you were sitting down with Stevo and he told you his life story, occassionally stopping here and there to tell you a side story about something funny or about a friend of his. Everything about the punk movement was second, it was just about an individual trying to decide who he really was...and ultimately music, religion, politics etc aren't what make a person. Anyway, what I really wanted to know is what song is playing when they are driving to Wyoming in that black car with the romantic (forgot his name) has some yodling in it and bob says he thinks it's for posers...I want the song name and band. If you have info please send it to my e-mail address. And possibly send me the mp3. DO IT NOW! OI OI (pronounced oy-oy) muhaha

-- Betty Crocker (, May 07, 2003.

I don not live by this movie, I wear what I feel I wear, you cannot say much sk8er_punk, for fuck's sake! Punk is also about respect! LEARN TO SPELL YOU ASSHOLE! I am Anti-Christ, alot of this movie is true to me. I have my reasons for being Anarchist, many of them, like others. This is just like the new trend with Avril Lavigne, I DO NOT believe in 'Anarchy In The UK' anarchy should be in the whole world! Punk rock should be in the whole world. It is a movie, has some good points but in the end it is just a movie, not real life. Be true to yourself and don't give a shit of what people think of you. Stick up for your beliefs.

-- Caz (, May 07, 2003.

Nor do I intend on turning out like them. Punk is not about individuality because no-one is individual, we are all slighty the same. What you believe depends on who you are, you can be a complete asshole and be awkward or you could be reasoning. I think everyone should be free, no rules, no laws, you can have them for yourself but we don't all agree so people shouldn't be allowed to set our boundaries and tell us what to do.

-- Caz (, May 07, 2003.

This is like a freakin' cult. I love SLC Punk as much as the next person, but u don't live your life based on what a movie taught u. If you do, then u rnt a very good punk. I mean, all the stuff Mathew Lillard says has a good point, and I like it and all but I don't watch it ten times a week and go around trying to act like them because if I did, that wouldn't be punk, would it? As a matter of fact, I want you to do me a favor. You take your punky clothes and you go to a punk show and see how much you look like everybody else there. You're supposed to be a punk, you're supposed to be different. What's she say in the, "thats not rebellion, tht's fashion." if ur gunna learn anything from that movie, learn that. I mean, you look just like every other "punk." And if you're wearing the clothes just so people know that you're punk, well, why do you give a fuck that other people know you're a punk? That's retarded, and again, not punk. So tell me what a punk person is, and then you get a cookie and the priviledge of knowing wut ur talking about. ~Lucie

-- Lucie (, May 17, 2003.

So first of all I just want to say that this message board truly amuses me. So great to see people arguing over these things. People trying to shove the "right path" down other peoples throats by saying "your own individual path is the right path!!" Heh, heheh. Ok, so I thought SLC Punk was a fantastically entertaining movie, I have always loved his movies and his monologues are just so funny in this movie. So again I say, good movie, lots of laughs, excitement, adrenaline, entertainment, sex, drugs, etc. Only complaint is that the scene at Mark's house is a bit dull. Just slightly though and the rest of the movie makes up for it. oh yea and you are all fucking POSERS!!! hahahaha, no I'm just kidding. I had to make sure I got "fuck" and "posers" into my reponse or else I'd be killed. peace love and lots of good music. yum.

-- predictable katy (, May 18, 2003.

*By "his" movies I meant Matthew Lillard's.

-- predictable katy (, May 18, 2003.

I came across this looking for the script fucking aye I already know the whole fucking movie. I agree with that person who said the scene at marks house sux, I always fast foward it it's fucking gay. I personally hated the ending he is a fucking sell out and it pissed me off!

-- Christine (, August 05, 2003.

Hey. Just a heads up. Im the webmaster at, and we're hoping for September's feature to have SLC Punk's script posted. It wont be official, as it will only be a friend and I scripting it out... but will finally be available online.

-- bloodexude (, August 10, 2003.

I think SLC Punk was a fuckin Great Movie so fuckin cool i so fuckin loved it. It's my Fave fuckion Movie for God fuckin sakes and i've only seen it 1! time... Matthew lillard is soooooooooo cool i Practically LIVE @ I LUV lillard My fave Movie of hiz!!!!!!!!!!! OMFG it was DA BESSSSSSSSSSST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i so fuckin loved it!!!!!!!! oh yea and @ @ da message board He actually Somes there *Sumtimes* (But l8ly he's been BUSY filmin SD2) Oh yeah and i'm not EVEN a PUNK and i loved it it was soooo fuckin cool my fave part is when he relizes he's a fuckin poser and says "If the guy i was then met the guy i am now he'd beat the shit Outta me!!" G2J Peace i'm Outtie, adnariM


AIM: IcyBluHaze Yahoo: XxURIceBaBixX And IcyBluAngel_07 MSN:

-- Miranda *SLC punk &Lillard Luva* (, August 12, 2003.

i give JT@BLOODEXUDE lots of love for putting their effort into making a script of the movie. shit! their doing it by ear and hand! wouldn't that be some shit? sitting there.... watching the movie and stopping it every 3-5 words just to write them down. hope it's up soon!!! SLC ROCKS! not just the movie.i wanna be a punk! what to wear, what to wear.....

-- kayt tha great (nothin'@nothin'.nuth), August 12, 2003.

yes yes indeed. this movie is ever so lovely. a vacuum is just another way to get rid of the dirt in your floor. and remember, only posers call people posers, you FUCKING POSERS! o i guess that makes me a poser, but at least im not eating corn flakes with a spike studded spoon. and "this guy looks like a total nerd, but his name is mike." true wisdom. lets all make a snowman.

-- princess nairobi from the congo (ken is fine) (, August 26, 2003.

Yes this movie is fucking awesome. Still I can't believe people have been replying to this for over two years now. punk rawks

-- Kevin (, September 01, 2003.

this goes to Samm ( Dude, your reply was the best. thanx for saving me a lot of typing!!!

-- Lord Janus (, September 08, 2003.

punk rock is great but the lifestyle is a big contradiction. you cant win. you are either a poser or a conformist. so all you fuckers sayin im a punk, im a punk, are fuckin posers. no one is an indevidual. you all fuckin conform to something so dont think that you are original.

everyones a fuckin poser, even me

-- scott (, September 14, 2003.


-- jennifer (, September 19, 2003.

You dumb, dumb fucks. Yes. I agree, SLC Punk is a kick ass movie. Yes, I agree, it didn't point out the true meaning of a punk. I read the posts, seeing people "OMG! OMG! I LIKE, SOOOO LUVED MATTY LILLARD!" Well...fuck you! Oh, and the fucking stupid redneck with the "Pump shotty" are just as fucking dumb! If you hated us, then why waste your time to fucking talk shit!? I am just trying to edu-fucking-cate. You should realize "Yeah, its a cool movie, but that's not what punks about" Punk is about being yourself, rebelling, and having a good fucking time doing it. Don't be a trendy little poser walking around in clothes other people think is cool. walk around in what you want to wear. Thats the first idea of being punk. Oh. I have contradicted myself. Poser is no such thing. If you were a true punk, you would not use the word poser other than for another word for Model. A poser who is somebody who is doing what they want to. Who gives a FUCK if they don't come to your "punk" standards. Oh. And sean was fucking funny. Now all you get off the lame shit about loving matt, or being a fucking stupid ass redneck, and just fucking be yourself...then you will be a fucking punk! later

-- Chicken Boy (, September 19, 2003.

slc punk was a fucking kick ass movie. exept for the fact that they had a preppy actor play stevo. dont get me wrong mathew lillard did a fucking great job porteaying a ounk but he fucking played shaggy in scooby doo. well peace the fuck out.

-- God (, September 22, 2003.

you know,i play in a punk rock band..i have the dyed hair..i wear those.."cool clothes"...but come on people,it was a good movie,but whats this bull shit about pulling a bloody shotty on my mum?i want you to kid,i have about 3 years of tai jutsu training and i will break your arm in 4 diffrent places befor you can even nock on me door,so feel free you ass hole,id love for you to visit me and my olds!Anywho!punk can NOT be cant be listend to..and it cannot be acted its just a bunch of rebelious teenagers trying to act cool these days,most of you dont know man,for real..your all,YEAH DUDE I GOT THE FUCKING DYED HAIR,ILL KICK YOUR ASS IF U DONT LIKE IT..i mean come on!what happen to the old in out?spray painting peoples cars when there inside sleeping...shooting marbles at cops when they arent looking....breaking beer bottles over the clerks head as we run out of the store on a beer run?what happen to the fucking real punks!im not saying any of you arent punks,but a mess of you sound like trendies to cant be a punk without knowing about what a punk is..but you see..there is no "punk" life style! excuse me if i dont make drunk off my ass right now!

-- Niko (, September 23, 2003.

Great movie though it was obvious that the portrayal of punks in the show was inaccurate and totally unrealistic. They were too much of a poser community. Not all punks stop being punks when they grow up...they just change the way they express their punkness. Look at Jello Biafra today, or better yet, Noam Chomsky, who is a very successful 80-year-old linguistics professor and radical political columnist who records spoken word albums on Jello's record label! Chomsky IS a punk even though he wears a suit and tie and doesn't necessarily listen to the music. Heresy and non-conformity are in the mind, and independent thought is the key to a healthy society. People who think that being a hippie or being a punk or being a member of some counterculture group just means wearing a certain hairdo or clothing or acting a certain attitude need to get a life...

"Punk ain't no religious cult; punk means thinking for yourself. You ain't hardcore if you spike your hair when a jock still lives inside your head." -Jello Biafra, "Nazi Punks Fuck Off"

-- Eric G. Sephiroth (, December 13, 2003.



-- Sven F. (, January 02, 2004.

My question is,is there an actual definition of what punk is,cause every time some one gives a definition,there is always something more to it?

-- Sven F. (, January 03, 2004.

slc punk is just a movie yes i understand it was made in HOLLYWOOD who care is just a movie all you stupid punk that think your punks are so fucken stupid punk is just a label that give an idea of who you are you are only a punk in your heart its not about what you think its what you feel i know tha movie has been out for atleast 4 years now and it still kicks ass its not all the way true about punks not all punks hate rednecks and are up with anarchy anarchy is just a daydream that all of us wish we had no rules and no government shitt this is a waste of my time like anyones gonna beleive what i write oh fucken well peace im out and try to spread this aroud yalls towns and shit rap is crap without the c "c"rap

-- hahaha like im gonna tell you (, January 14, 2004.

Wow, i just ended up on here cause i was looking for the monolouges. And i read some of the shit on here. Man, if you say this is a bad movie..where the fuck are you at in your stupid mind. Obviously is was good enough to win awards at the sundance film festival. and actually i think it won the festival. and to the person who said that it was a stupid hollywood made movie, wow, you was an independant film. i thought it was great, and like many others said before me, your takin this movie too far. leave it at a movie. if you get inspiration from it..fine whatever. but just leave it at a movie and not a religion.

-- Mikey (, October 07, 2004.

This is my favorite movie in the world. Its awsome and The clicks remind me of my hometown.. anwyays I just wanted to get it stated it was his best movie in my opinion. I loved it and fucking rocked!

-- Jackie (, November 03, 2004.

hey i found a website where u can download or print off the screenplay, but only if u pay a's the site


-- Aubrey (, December 01, 2004.

Oh my GOd that has got to be the best fucking movie i have ever fucking seen. i'm 12 and i am a punk. I also think Michael Goorjian is so FUCKING HOT. yeah, okay bye. sierra ps acid will FUCK YOU UP and FUCK YOU

-- Sierra ? ? (, February 07, 2005.

im not even punk and slc punk! is a fuckin awesome movie!!!!!!!

-- kyle sosa (, February 17, 2005.

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