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I'm just curious, but how old is everybody? I expect that Carter would be about 29/30 and Mark 37? and since Elizabeth is (i think) the same age she would be about 37 too. Anyway, how old is everybody - from Mark to romano. (doesn't have to be spot on, but it is nice to have this information)

-- er_aussie (, January 07, 2001


Carter 30, Benton is I believe 34, Weaver is at least 37, Mark's a year older or possibly a year younger than Weaver. As for Dave, Jing- Mei, Romano, Abby and Luka I have no idea.

I just know that Carter is four years younger than Benton :)

-- Hayley (, January 07, 2001.

I would imagine Jing Mei is the same age as Carter since they were med students together. I think Abby and Luka are both around 33/34. Romano must be in his 40's I would think to be chief of staff(?). Dave must be about 26/27 though he doesn't act it :)

-- amanda (, January 07, 2001.

I think Abby's rather Carter's age- 30 that is. Luka might be older than 34 because we don't know how long he'd been a doctor in Croatia before coming to the US.

-- Anne (, January 07, 2001.

Mark should be around 35 since he has five more years experience than Carter. Benton should be around 33. Carter/Chen are around thirty. Cleo/Dave are in their late twenties. Kerry's age is somewhere between 35-38. Romano age is probably around 40. Abby/Luka are probably in their early to mid thirties. Corday is probably in her mid thirties.

-- Brenda (, January 07, 2001.

I think Luka is supposed to be at least 35-38. He was hired as an "experienced emergency physician", meaning that he's been through residency in his own country and completed additional residency requirements in the US to get Board certification in his specialty. He was married and had two children, one of whom was at least four years old in late 1991, which is when the Serbs were bombing Vukovar, and it was implied that he was already a doctor then. No doubt he married very young, and it's true that in Europe you don't have to get a four-year degree before attending medical school, but believe we're intended to think he's about the same age as Mark.

-- Melinda (, January 07, 2001.

I think Luka is in his late 30's, Carter in his early 30's, and Abby in between.

-- Jessie (, January 07, 2001.

I think Goran is the only cast member to play someone who is alot older or younger than he is. Goran is the youngest cast member at the age of 28. A year younger than Noah.

-- Cammie (, January 07, 2001.

Goran is 28? Are you serious? He looks like he's in his early 30's at least. No offense or anything.

-- Andie (, January 07, 2001.

Abby is around Carol's age. On Season 5, Carol said she had been a nurse for 10 years, and, although it has never been stated on the show, I think Maura said Abby had been a nurse for 10 years as well. So that must make her around 32-33, making her at least 2-3 years older than Carter. I imagine Kerry must be in her late 30's, 38 or 39. Luka I always imagined was 34-35. Dave must be around Carter's age, so would Jing Mei. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if Dave was older, since he goofed off so much in college, that actually delays graduation. But then again, down here in the Caribbean you can go through med school faster than in the states. Romano I think must be around 40, and Benton around Luka's age. Mark must be in between Luka and Kerry, and Elizabeth is probably around Abby's age. Cleo, I don't know. She looks young, but she must be around Abby's and Elizabeth's age.

This is complete speculation though.

-- Carolina (, January 07, 2001.

I was amazed when I found out Goran's age, too; thought it was a typo at first. He was a teenager serving as a paratrooper in the Croatian military at the time his character was supposed to be a married doctor with two kids. I've noticed he looks a lot younger when he smiles, which is probably why Luka looks so old-he never smiles. Maura Tierney is 35-36, but I get the impression Abby's younger than that. I could be wrong, but I bet Laura Innes is younger than Kerry Weaver is supposed to be.

-- why? (, January 07, 2001.

Yeah well, how could that guy ever smile if he always kills his patients? :-) No, seriously, I think TPTB should start giving Luka some storylines that do not involve angst- or if they have to do that they could at least tell us some more about his past; for example the reasons for his sudden aggressiveness and for his ideas of 'right' and 'wrong'.

Back to the topic: I would guess Romano is at least in his mid- fourties, since he has this chief-of-staff position and also seems to be one of the 'big guys' of the hospital; a position I believe would need some more working experience and therefore older age than the other members of the staff/ cast.

-- Anne (, January 08, 2001.

Well, Laura Innes is 40...

-- er_aussie (, January 08, 2001.

Carter is a gemini born in June 1972 (he told a patient once) Carol gradutated High Scool in 1985 so she would be turning 35 in 2001.

-- maureen (, January 08, 2001.

I'm not a math wiz here, but...If Carter was born in June 1972, that would make him 28 right now. But for the first two seasons of the show, he was a med student. Typically, you graduate high school when you're 18 and then if you move onto a 4-year college right away, you'll be 22 graduating from that. Then 4 years of med school, which Carter had, and you'd be 26-ish. Then he's had 5 seasons as an intern/resident on the show...Season 3 in surgery, seasons 4-now in the ER. That'd make him about 30 or 31. According to his "birthdate," he'd be 28, but according to math he'd be 30...Unless he started school early? LOL.

-- Alissa (, January 11, 2001.

I thought Carter was born in 1970. That's what he said in "Full Moon, Saturday Night".

-- Cammie (, January 11, 2001.

Noah and his character have the same birthday (June 29) but Carter is one year older than Noah -- Noah was born in 1971. At least that's how I remember it!

-- amanda (, January 11, 2001.

cool!!! noah's birthday is the day before mine! i never knew that!!

-- Jessie (, January 11, 2001.

Actually Noah's birthday is June 4.

-- Cammie (, January 11, 2001.

Carter is 29. As I understand it, the requirement is that you attend college for at least three years before going to med school - I read this on the Harvard website, and Laura Spence (non UK readers feel free to ignore this) said in the Daily Mail that she would have to study for 2 more years before graduating if she went to America than she would if she stayed in England, i.e. 7 years all together. So, assuming that Carter did this, he would have graduated when he was 25. He's done 4 years of residency (1 in surgery, 3 in the ER), and if his birthday isn't meant to be until 4 June, this year doesn't count yet. That makes him 29.

Mark is either 32 or 33, depending on how long he was at college for. He said in 'Ambush' that he had worked at County for six years, since he graduated.

'The New ER Files' has profiles on all the characters, including their ages. It was published at the beginning of S5, so add two years onto them.

-- Elizabeth Routledge (, January 21, 2001.

Mark was a senior resident the first year of the show, so he has been an attending for 5 1/2 years. If he went straight through school (4 years college, 4 years med school, 4 years ER residency) that would make him 35 or 36. He could have gotten through a year or two younger, but I doubt he is any younger than that. I know Carter told Anspaugh he was 25 when he was considering changing from surgery to ER, which I think was at the end of season 3, so that should make him 29. Kerry finished residency a year after Mark (she was chief resident in season 2) but I get the impression she was non- traditional (Peace Corps, overseas work, missionary or something). Without any official information to go on, I put her around 39-40. Laura Innes, I believe, is actually 43 (birthdate 8/16/56 I think). I put Corday around 34-35 but with the British system of training being different it's hard to know. Luka is probably also in his midthirties. Benton...when did he graduate residency? I know he was a fellow last year but I didn't think he was a first-year resident in Season 1. Regardless, he should be around 33. I am guessing Abby and Cleo are in their early thirties, and Dave and Jing-Mei in their late twenties. Romano is probably early to mid forties. And Legaspi...well, I'm adding her in just because. I think she is probably around 35, although Elizabeth Mitchell is 30 or 31.

-- Jennifer (, January 21, 2001.

Dave is 31

-- soccrgurl912 (, January 25, 2001.

How do we know that Dave is 31? Was it mentioned? Dave is my favorite character even though we know so little about him. I was wondering if I missed something. I had assumed that Dave was around 27-29. I know that the actor who plays him, Erik Palladino, is 32 but for some reason I just assumed that Dave was a bit younger. Thanks

-- Kelley (, January 25, 2001.

Well, even though that Carter told Anspaugh that he was 25 at the end of season three, I think that TPTB made a little mistake. Carter did say in "Full Moon, Saturday Night" that his birthday was June 4, 1970. The end of season threewas in May of 1997, which would make Carter 26. Add 3 years and the fact that Carter's birthday occurred when he was in rehab, right now he's 30.

In season 1, Benton was a second year surgical resident, probably making him 28 then. Surgical residencies last for five years, so at the end of season 4 he would have been 31. Add 2 years makes him 33/34.

In season one, Mark was the Chief Resident, in his fourth year of residency making him Mark's probably in the 36/37 area. I would assume that Elizabeth is around that age too, maybe even a little older. I think Kerry is a year younger than Mark, because when he was interviewing Chief Residents for the next year (season 2) Kerry applied, making her in her 3rd year of residency, so she's probably 35/36.

Abby, Luka and Cleo are probably 33/34, Chen 29/30 and Malucci's probably 28 or 29. Romano's early fourties. At least that's the way I figure it. :o)

-- Kimmy (, January 29, 2001.

You can find the birthdates for all the ER Regulars past and present here: Just type in "ER" or one of the actors' names.

-- t_smitts (, January 31, 2001.


-- Kim (, April 16, 2001.

If Elizabeth Corday went straight through school that would make her 32 now. In England you don't have to do a four year degree before med school, you just have to do a five year medical degree, which puts most graduates at 23. She said in Ambush that she had been practicing medicine for six years, which would make her 29 at the beginning of season 4.

-- Elizabeth Routledge (, April 29, 2001.

I think Kerry is a lot younger than Laura Innes, because Kerry was chief resident in S2 and that would have made her about 29; Laura was about 36. Any way:

Kerry: about 34


Carter: 29-30

Chen: (I believe she is a year older than Carter because she quit in S1) So, about 30-31

Dave: Same as Cleo, 26-27

Romano: Ummm... maybe 36-38

Mark: 39 maybe?

Elizabeth: 32-33

Susan: 30-33 ?

Luka: He said Daniejla wanted to leave Vukovar but he had to finish his internship, if that was in '91 and Carter was 25-26 when he was a surgical intern... 36-38 maybe

Abby: 33-35?

Anna: Intern in S4 so about 25-26 then, about 29-30 now

Jeanie: 32-34?

Cleo: If she's a second year resident, and Carter was a second year in S5...26-27

Peter: 33-34

Carol: 32-33

Doug: 34-35

Thats as close as I can get

-- Teddy (, June 17, 2001.

Carol had to be under 35 in Responsible Parties, because the OB said they typically only do amnios if you're over 35 unless you have a history of genetic disorders. Carol didn't, so they didn't do one.

-- Teddy (, July 20, 2001.

Paul McCrane turned 40 on January 19, 2001, however, that doesn't mean Romano has to be 40 too. The character of Romano could be in his mid-40's. As someone pointed out, Goran is playing a character who is older than his actual age.

-- Rhonda (, August 12, 2001.

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