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I bought one of Atlas's new N scale SD-35s (undecorated) to paint in Southern colors. Although they offer it painted, I am planning to build a "contest level" model so the work involved will be troublesome. I've gathered alot of pics from the net and already have some detail parts bought. But whats holding me back is that I need more information and have some questions. Any answers would be deeply appreciated. On the -35s, numbers 3000-3099 have no brake cylinders and lots of wires on the trucks. Why no cylinders and what are the wires for? Also, the pictures show a U-shaped metal thingamanjiner which is in the middle of the wheel frame that is common on the GPs, so why is it there? Also, where is the speed recorder located? Finally with the trucks, Im planning to install ground lights, so are they located both on the enginners and fireman side or just the enginners? I might have some other questions later and maybe if anyones interested post pictures on the web. Mike

-- Mike Antkowiak (, January 06, 2001


I too have an undecorated Southern SD35. The one answer I am sure of is the brake cylinders on all(?) Southern SD35s were low-mounts so that is why thet aren't as visable as high-mounted cylinders. Maybe the low-mounts from a Kato SD40 will interchange. That is my plan.

-- Turner McCarley (, September 12, 2003.

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