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I am overwhelmed.

I've been doing a lot of surfing lately looking for information and A/B comparisons between sony's vx1000 and vx2000. There seems to be quite a bit of contradictory information. My initial impulse is to find a used vx1000 but then as i went shopping i noticed that the vx2000 wasn't that much more expensive new. What am i getting in the vx2000? I know it does 16:9 but is this just an effect?

I am a stage director with a couple of small film projects to shoot over the next few months. I'm using these projects as a chance to explore my likes and dislikes between dv and film. The first is a short documentary. i want a camera that is not a toy but that will provide high quality image and flexibilty.

Can anyone distill the some of these mysteries for me, in laymen terms?

Thanks much.


-- willis (, January 05, 2001


The VX2000 is better in most respects, especially in low light and battery usage. It is heavier, though, and has a much more complicated manual operation mode. The flip out screen is a bonus, especially when shooting a long interview. Think carefully about sound acquisition; there is absolutely no substitute for a good external microphone correctly positioned. The 16:9 mode on these cameras will degrade the image, so avoid it if you can


-- Gareth Watkins (, March 02, 2001.

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