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As a fairly-recent (a little over 3 yr now) transplant to North Carolina, I am becoming more and more fascinated w/ the ACL/SAL. I combine my interest in history w/ RR's and like to find out as much as possible about locales, lines, etc. . During my "research" , I find it easier to visualize history if I'm able to find maps to trace routes, locations, etc.

By far, the best map source on-line I have found is:

I mention this site, because I don't hear it mentioned often (usually Terraserver or Topozone, which are good sites) when people are looking for maps. The maps are almost too detailed, if you can believe it (the maps actually show "Old RR Grades"), but I've found it very useful in tracing ACL/SAL lines, and they contain old route labeling. As an example, I just spent the past half hour or so tracing the Durham and Southern (Yes, the line on the map is still labeled "Durham & Southern"!) from Dunn up thru Durham! Interesting, indeed!

Anyways, enough of my rambling. Just thought y'all might be interested.

Brian Crase Creedmoor, NC

-- Brian Crase (, January 05, 2001

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