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OK, I know owning a dishwasher isn't considered simple living, but it really does make my life simpler (I think). Does anyone have any recipes for a nontoxic dish machine soap that REALLY WORKS! I have tried all the environmental store bought brands. My water is really hard and these don't work for me. The borax washing soda recipe always leaves a film on my dishes. Does anyone have a new recipe that has worked well fore them. Thanks.

-- Tiffani Cappello (, January 04, 2001


Although I have never used it, my dishwasher says if you are getting film to add a 'rinse aid'. Doesn't say what. If your dishwasher recycles the same rinse water, you might try adding some vinegar to the rinse cycle.

-- Ken S. in WC TN (, January 06, 2001.

Pure washing soda will do the job if the items haven't been sitting in the machine too long. It's non toxic unlike borax. You will have to use a rince addative or venegar to get rid of the spots though.

-- (, January 08, 2001.

I read somewhere that using 1 tsp of citric acid will keep the film off the dishes and clean out the dishwasher. I am tring it now as we "speak". Will let you know.


-- Mary R. (, January 09, 2001.

I would like to know if anyone comes up with a good recipe too. My dishwasher soap leaves strange grainy stuff on all the dishes. I have found that Cascade Complete works really well, but sometimes, I still get that grainy stuff. I have found that all the dishwasher soaps burn my skin, so am hoping to find something else. Anyone try ordinary lye soap in the dishwasher? I made some body bar recently, was thinking of trying it in the dishwasher. I don't know if that will cut the grease though, since it is meant for dry skin.

-- Cindy in OK (, January 10, 2001.

Just put the dishes on the floor where your dog can reach them. They will be squeaky clean in no time at all!

-- john hill (, January 10, 2001.

I need a recipe that will cut the grease really well. I am doing a science fair project and its due really soon. I was thinking of going to a natural enviromentaly friendly store and buying a mix.

-- Scooter (, January 06, 2002.

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