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I was wondering if ACL and or SAL had any routes from Georgia to Paducah, Kentucky in the 1930's? I followed a line out of Augusta, Georgia on the Topo mapping site and lost it in the National forest in South Carolina. I realize these Topo maps would be recent maps.Does any one know if they ran from Georgia to Paducah in those days?

-- Bev Yates (, January 04, 2001


Paducah, Ky. in the earlier part of the twentieth century was primarily served by the Illinois Central RR, which maintained shops and rail yards in the city, and the Nashville, Chattanooga, and St. Louis Ry., which later became the Louisville and Nashville RR. (At times the city was also served by the Paducah & Louisville Ry. and the Paducah & Illinois RR.) The Nashville, Chattanooga, and St Louis Ry would have been a primary route to take between Kentucky and Georgia (Atlanta), as was the Southern Ry.(Atlanta /Louisville) , but certainly other, more round-about routes could have been taken.

-- Greg Hodges (, January 04, 2001.

Bev - Neither ACL nor SAL left the Eastern States. Both RR's went to middle Alabama, but neither had lines in Tennessee or Kentucky. In your following of a line on topographic maps, you probably "changed trains" somewhere in western South Carolina, getting onto a Southern Railway or Clinchfield RR line.

-- Tom Underwood (, January 04, 2001.

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