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A young lady came home from a date, rather sad. She told her mother, "Jeff proposed to me an hour ago." "Then why are you so sad?" her mother asked. "Because he also told me he was an atheist. Mom, he doesn't even believe there's a hell." Her mother replied, "Marry him anyway. Between the two of us, we'll show him how wrong he is."

My sister-in-law e-mailed me this.

-- Kenneth in N.C. (, January 03, 2001


"Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned."


-- Craig Miller (, January 04, 2001.

A women came down stairs to find her husband sitting in the dark with a tear running down his cheek. She asked him what was wrong and he replied "Today is our 20th anniversary" she was so touched that he remembered! He continued with "Remember 20 years ago when we were making love in the back seat of the car when your Dad caught us"? "Remember when he said I had to marry you or go to Jail"............................I would be out of jail today!

-- Vicki McGaugh TX (, January 04, 2001.

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