Up to date info for the Brits - Re E4 and Sky Digital

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OK, I have the bang up to date info on E4 being shown on Sky Digital. I have spoken to Sky this evening (Wed 3/1) and I told them that Channel 4 TV have emailed me today with their intention to interview me about my comments on the present situation with E4 and Sky and my feelings about the new channel (this is all true btw). On hearing this info Sky then put me on hold and came back with the launch date for E4 on Sky........16th Jan (2 days before E4's official launch). You can add it to your Sky Channels by going into add channels and putting in frequency: 12.168 V and there ya go. No EPG yet but will be in place in time for 16/1/01 launch. Please note that it is broadcasting a blank screen until the Sky launch on 16/1/01. Anymore info needed please email me direct......love T-J xxx

-- Tara-Jane (tiggii30@hotmail.com), January 03, 2001

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