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Hi Kohnen, I am facing one critical problem.

I have three remote servers named as server1,server2,server3.

All the servers having the databases in sqlserver 7.0.

what is problum is "i need to take differential backups daily and full databse backups on every friday automatically(not manually) on server 3 from server 1 and server 2 without using any IP adressess"

From my machine i am connecting to all the servers using VNC(softracker) tool. How can i set the backup method on server3 to automate the backup processess?.

Please HELP!!! me in this problem

Thank you


-- Anonymous, January 03, 2001



Create an alias via Client Network Utility for TCP/IP, and set the name to the IP address. The alias can be the name or anything else. Ensure you select the correct port, the default is 1433. If this still fails, I'd say something is blocking you. Do you have any firewalls in between? Do they allow port 1433 through? If this is a dial-up, then some ISPs will not support this port.

Good Luck,


-- Anonymous, January 06, 2001

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