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I am attempting to model an ACL R-1 and trying to get a good idea on paint schemes. Buddy Hill and I have talked but he doesn't have his research material. Does anyone have any more info than the 3-98 issue of Lines South? Does the graphite cover just the front of the boiler or extend to the rear. In some pictures it looks like the firebox is lighter(silver/graphite). Any help would be appreciated to include colors from current manufact. Thinking of doing the boiler with gunmetal blueing. Thanks,Jim

-- Jim Capers (capers@granis.net), January 03, 2001


You can contact Ron Dettmer in Orange Park, FL. He scratchbuilt and painted three ACL R-1s in O-scale. His email address is Roscaler@cs.com . Also, there are shots of R-1s crusing around in JMC Productions VINTAGE RAIL VOL. 5. It can be ordered from our product catalog for 30 bucks.

-- David Wiggs (bigwiggs@bellsouth.net), January 07, 2001.

My Lines South article that you referenced had just about all the relevant information that I had access to. I used Baldwin spec sheets but they were very vague about many of the details. Either there were more specs used that I didn't have, or there were some locomotive builder conventions that perhaps the shopmen "understood" and needed no specifics for. Larry Goolsby

-- Larry Goolsby (LGoolsby@aphsa.org), January 05, 2001.


I have two different ACL R-1's that were custom painted by two different professionals. One has the firebox graphite...the other a light gray. There are other subtle differences also... I can E-mail you photo's, if you wish. I don't think that any more detailed info (other than Lines South 98-3) has surfaced....

Ted Strickland (727) 866-1023

-- Ted Strickland (tstrickland@pol.net), January 03, 2001.

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