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Hello! I am totally new in this. I learned everything about making VCDs from this forum. I personally think it is a great forum. I have created my first VCD and put 7 music videos in that. I used Adaptec's EZCD to make the VCD. The problem is that the first music video is right, but in the second one, the video is fine but the audio for that song is same as the first one. The 3rd and 4thare fine but again for 5th one, the music is of 4th song. Then the rest 2 songs are fine. I am no sure if this is a EZCD thing or something else. The MPEGs are fine by themselves when I run them under Media player. I have not tried using any other software to create CDs since I only have EZCD. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

-- Ravipal Singh Arora (, January 03, 2001

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