Wireless Video Transmitters and Cruise Ships

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I work for a cruiseline and we've been trying to incorporate a wireless video transmitter/receiver system into one of our Vegas style shows. We experimented with a system made in California. This system operates in the 900mhz range, has a triple diversity receiver and is incorporated into our video routing system.

The wireless system works great outside, it works well on two of our smaller vessels, but on one of our bigger vessels we are having problems with the picture quality.

I'm wondering if somebody might be able to recommend another wireless system that is compatible with the Canon XL1.

Your help is great appreciated.

-- Tim Whyte (Tim_Whyte@hotmail.com), January 02, 2001


You did not describe "Poor video quality" is it fuzzy all the time, or good some of the time and bad others? If that the systems works good outside I think you have a placement problem with the receiver. Or since it is one ship that has poor quality then check your video routing system. Take out the video receiver play your XL-1 direct into the router and see if it is a good picture in the control room. If is is bad then you have a bad wire or Distribution Amp, or fitting, or something not in the Transmitter system.

If it test OK then move the receiver around if it works outside it should work in a big room.

Good luck and good hunting. Larry

-- Larry (larrymakingmovies@yahoo.com), August 21, 2004.

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