I want to look older

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Hi there I'm a 16 year old male and I would like to know if you could give me any advice on how I could make myself look 18 thanks very much for your help.

-- David Houston (), January 02, 2001


Grow a beard. Worked for me.

-- Colin (ethilrist@prodigy.net), January 03, 2001.

the caveat to the beard answer: Don't don't DON'T if you only have peach fuzz. You will look even younger than you can now imagine. I would suggest: Standing up straight, speaking with confidence, dressing "older." ie, no baggy jeans, sweatshirts, sylish clothes. Think khaki & preppy.

Why would you want to look 18, anyway? Got some girl in mind? Good luck, at any rate... = ) ~ kathryn

-- kathryn (katiek@brandeis.edu), January 04, 2001.

I was guessing booze, actually, but whatever.

-- Colin (ethilrist@prodigy.net), January 04, 2001.

Get your hairline to recede. Worked for me.

-- Jon Arthur (rclover4@aol.com), January 04, 2001.

Get married - it aged me.

-- Bart Tangredi (btangredi@yahoo.com), January 05, 2001.

But... it couldn't be booze... because the drinking age is 21. Getting into a club, maybe, or a concert... voting? ; ) otherwise, being 18 does nothing for ya. Nor 19, for that matter... Unless David lives somewhere outside the US... in which case, most other drinking ages are less than 18 anyhow, except Canada, I think. I also think I've put way too much thought into this.......

~ kathryn

-- kathryn (katiek@brandeis.edu), January 05, 2001.

Maybe he wants to get drafted? Buy cigarettes? Pay more to get into movies? Date college girls? Get a job?

-- Colin (ethilrist@prodigy.net), January 05, 2001.

My first two thoughts are a) cigarettes [for which the age of the majority is 18, not 21] and b) pornography. Some advice I can think of offhand:

- Don't hang out in large groups of guys. Not only is this a high- school thing to do, but it seems to me that guys in groups tend to act immature regardless. If you want to buy smokes, go into the store alone.

- Dress like an adult, e.g. no t-shirts with logos screened on them (except those from the local university -- which might actually help create your illusion), no enormous shoes, and straight-legged pants only. Honest-to-god, those huge outfits kids today wear [ooh, first recorded personal use of the phrase "kids today" -- I must be getting on in years] makes it look like they're trying to grow into the clothes of someone about a foot taller and wider than they are. A 16-year-old with the crotch of his jeans hovering halfway down his thigh looks about twelve.

- Comb your hair back from your face and keep your shoulders straight. Don't fidget.

- If this is a one-time-only thing, try getting up earlier in the day than usual. This will give your eyes more puffiness and shadow.

If you're asking for something you're not supposed to have, look the clerk in the eye, smile, and ask for it as specifically as possible. "Could I get two packs of Marlboro 100s?" will get you a lot further than "I'd like some cigarettes, please." Likewise, "Do you have the February issue of Playboy in yet?" is better than pointing at the magazine rack and mumbling "One of those." Trying to hide your purchase with a pack of gum and a Dr Pepper sounds more clever than it is -- it doesn't work. Men who smoke or look at smut are generally not very embarrassed about it with clerks, since it's a routine transaction for them.

I bought cigs for me and my friends when I was 16 and 17 on many occasions, and never had any trouble. Absolutely the best place to pick that stuff up is at mini-marts attached to gas stations, just after you've fueled up your car [or your parents' car, not that the clerk has to know that.] The presence of the car lends you a certain maturity, and the fact that you're clearly on your way somewhere and the procurement of the cigs wasn't worthy of a special trip for them marks you as a seasoned smoker.

Enjoy this newfound wisdom!

-- Kim Rollins (kimrollins@yahoo.com), January 05, 2001.

Yo, if its booze you want then here's the deal: go to the clerk in the gas station, NEVER IN TEH LIQUOR STORE, THEY CARE TOO MUCH, and jsut say you forgot your id. if are 21, they'll still card you sometimes. so what you do is try to look like you did this a number of times already (practicing in front of mirror worked for me) and get a specific kind of beer. usually you can bring it yourself to the register, but if you gotta ask, look like you know what you're talking about. try to be laid back, but always practice with friends or in front of the mirror first, you'll know if you're doing something wrong. anyhoo, just say you forgot your id, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't but it'll work sometime. also, it might help if you ask for cigs too. then you'll likely get the cigs even if clerk refuses the booze. the key thing here is a clerk who doesnt give a damn, like maybe an old guy, or an immigrant. i'm from russia myself, we don't care bout drinking underage and in many countries people feel the same...but one thing i can tell you is that young white male clerks will never sell without id. go try it out let me know if it works

-- Stan (vandyrussian@hotmail.com), February 23, 2001.

Easy - put on a pair of glasses, obviously some an adult would wear. adds 2 years

-- Stefan Sroczynski (stefanthedon@yahoo.co.uk), March 18, 2001.

Its probably cause you wants to buy porn, smokes, and alcahol. what u should do is go into your dads closet and get some of his clothes to put on.U will probably get beat up but hey, u said u wanna look 18

-- sherece (home_recker1@hotmail.com), March 26, 2001.

ooh we've all had this problem :-) You could try going in with an older girl, as younger people are less likely to be with an older girl and for the simple reason that around 16, most girls look older and more mature than lads. BE CONFIDENT, you've got to act like youve done this before, its no good going in all red faced with your head down...then shuffling up to the counter with a few beers in your hand, its best to go up with you head held high :-)

Next idea is to get a fake ID, easily available on the net to order, or a fake drivers liscence, mabye they will realise its fake but if youve got a fake name and address and all then what can they do if you run like f*ck?

Another approach, which i have seen people pull off is to put a bit of clear glue (not superglue or your f*ck*d) and put it where your sideburns should be (if your too young to have 'em) then you can shave/cut some fine short hair from the back of your head and pat it onto the side to give an older appearence...this could be a nuissance if you want to be doing this every week, but if its that important that your getting the booze...might aswell go for it. Also, if your going to be coming to this place more often, if your confident and the people will recognise you next time, say if you spark an old headed conversation with the clerk, then they will recognise you and wont question your age and will be more friendly and may pick up on what you were talking about last time...

Hope i might have been some help!!!

-- helper (Helper@agehelp.com), April 12, 2001.

Hey,my guess is you live in the uk like me and you wanna go clubbing at the weekend, heres some tips: -wear a pair of glasses, -wear black trousers with a shirt, -to add even more years wear a leather jacket, -look the person on the door right in the eye dont take your eyes away, oh yeah black shoes no trainers, follow all these and you will have a great time and you will look 18, have a nice time,oh to all the americans its 18 to drink and go clubbbing and 16 to get smokes,thats the english laws,

-- david (davidhindle2000@yahoo.co.uk), June 14, 2001.

Ok, this is what i suggest... You have to wear smart clothes, if you are worried abuot your height then put something in your shoes ( make sure they are nice shoes) You might want to wear 2 or 3 t shirts under your shirt to make you look abit bigger... Always act mature and sonšt show any hesitations It has never failed for me!!

-- Charlie D (jimturkey2000@hotmail.com), June 20, 2001.

I know how u feel. I'm in the same boat. I 17 tomorrow and i want to go clubbing. I go to pubs and stuff all the time and 90% of the time get served. If you have fake ID use it in "trashy" places like not very strict pubs. The stricter pubs have seen all the fake IDs before and they remember. If you want to try the ID thing make sure it's printed NOT handwritten (you can order some with holograms!). The person 2 places above me has good advice. I do all of the things apart from the glasses and the jacket and I don't normally have a problem.

P.S. Does anyone have tips for me in getting into a UK over 18s niteclub?

-- Pete (the_beast120@hotmail.com), June 22, 2001.

What I do whenever I want to get something...such a get into a club or by alcohol is talk with an accent. My friend and I have mastered the British accent. We have gotten into so many clubs because we said that we do not have our " identification ". It works everytime....and I`m only 15. In addition to the accents we dress older and act older as well.

-- Kendra (i3iowpop@aol.com), July 18, 2001.

Hi,Well, am 15 years now, but because am arab, my blood is hot, so, i've got a thick beard, and everyone says that i look over 19 years though am short, am only 5'5 or 5'6. If you want to look older, grow up your beard, and that might make it. :)

-- Not Important :) (strange_life@hotmail.com), August 01, 2001.

Hey, So I'm a 17 female and I want to look older too... anyone have any suggestions? I would like to look 18, or even 21 if possible... Thanks! :)

-- Kristine McCarthy (sugachlass@yahoo.com), August 09, 2001.

Gotta be 19 to get into the bars here, im guessin he's from AB Canada, 18 to get into the bars, Get a Fake ID like me, and go in with people that look 18 & 19 years old...act more mature like you've did it before.

-- Mike (Crazybastard29@hotmail.com), August 11, 2001.

im in the uk too... its never really been a problem for me im 16 and have been pubbing for over a year... the BEST thing to do is just act older.. sideburns help a lot, dont slouch and speak clearly.. be confident. And the best places to go are surprisingly popular bars with bouncers.... GET TO KNOW THE BOUNCERS they are usually the same each week, laugh with them, have a joke, dont be in a rush to hurry past them, stop and chat. This way they will remember you and let you in without ever checking you. once your in a bar with bouncers it isnt the bar staffs responsibility to check ur age so your sorted... plus theyre so much better than most town pubs. c ya

-- Mickey (thunder84@hotmail.com), August 12, 2001.

Back when I was a kid and I wanted to look older I would just whip out my big cock and show it off. People would assume that a 16 year old would not have such a nice, big, stiff cock and they'd believe me when I told them I was 21. It worked every time.

-- Vince Barbarino (vince@hissy.com), August 15, 2001.

I am 15 an live in da uk. to look older i usualy dress younger like a cap an a footy shirt. go in buzzin wid confidence, act as i own da place an look da shop keeper rite in da eye. neva fails unless u f*** up witch u can tell good luck GLORY GLORY MAN UTD!

-- Nick Jones (sweetkeep@hotmail.com), August 24, 2001.

You need to wait until it is your time. To look older act mature and grow in spiritual things. Be polite and respectful. Get saved by the blood of Jesus Christ. Please don't try to drink it only makes drunkerds. Don't smoke it only kills your looks , lungs, and breath.

-- JoeAnn (working4himin2000@yahoo.com), August 27, 2001.

joe ann u fucking twat-smoking is an art and it takes years of practise to smoke 20 a day!clubs r da place and also raves they rul!!!!nice oh and always go for beers and bottled beers never alco pos like hooch or smirnoff ices as u jst look like a women catch ya in de pub j-bo

-- jack brennan (smokin_rubies@hotmail.com), September 08, 2001.

its meant to be easier 4 females, but i look about 12, and i used to wear glasses and get in everywhere and get served, it was like magic. but i stopped wearing them coz im 17 now, and well i cant get in anywhere and im 2 proud 2 wear those dum glasses. im from uk by the way.

-- La (nothaveing@my-mail.address), September 08, 2001.

hey people, im a 15 yr old bloke and i really wanna have loadsa tips on how to look older cause i need to go out to over 18's niteclubs. Ive got in a couple of times, but i thkn thats bcause the bouncer wasnt aying attention! im from the uk by the way reply please!!!

-- nick (margery0007@hotmail.com), September 16, 2001.


-- sumido (sumido2000@excite.com), September 18, 2001.

I am 18 years old yet somehow look as though I am 14 (or younger). I think it is a genetic flaw in my family that we all slowly age. My Mom's 50 and looks 35, brother is 27 and looks 20, and my sister is 24 and looks what she did when she was 16. The problem is I am much more mature than my age group but look so much younger. This basically nullifies the possiblility of me having a romantic relationship with a peer. Damn I hate genetics :-/

-- Brian Schaefer (heyschaefer@hotmail.com), September 30, 2001.

Ok mate, obviously u wanna look 18 cuz u can't get in clubs. First of all don't try too hard! SO OBVIOUS. Like don't try queuing up with your bumfluff beard with a fag in your hand that u can't smoke properly. However, if u can grow class designer stubble - do it! I reckon just dress smart, hair sexy, smell sweet, oh and get a fake ID! If all else fails, turn into a girl and get ya cleavage out!!

-- Sophia (bambina_850@yahoo.com), October 01, 2001.

Listen bruv, u from England yeh, u wanna go clubbin yeh, i tell u basically wot do, if u can get stubble then u sorted, if not, just dress in dark colours, smart clothes, be extra confident, walk into the club like you own the place, DONT look at the bouncers, and if they ask u for ID jus say u cum down from london and i dont carry ID with me, or, say that i always cum here!!! That should work, good luck bruv!!!!!!

-- Liam Smiff (mrliamsmith@hotmail.com), October 04, 2001.

Hey there! Dave mate, get yourself an older girlfriend and you are sorted. FOR ALL THE GIRLS THAT WANT TO LOOK OLDER to get into clubs and pub, all you have to do is give the bouncers the biggest sexiest smile or tell them your mates are already in there waiting for you. He'll let you through no probs! I am 15 and don't look that old but have been in and out of pubs and clubs for a long while. Its all in the confidence and you have to be good at lying. GOOD LUCK DAVE! xxxx

-- Ally Rossiter (ally1000@orange.net), October 12, 2001.

ok mothers im 15 and got done by the police for being pissed and lying in the street singing ( i had been drinking absinthe) any who the best and only good way of getting into a club is if they are big enough find their website or pone number and order tickets with your dads credit card or your bruvers credit card or your mates mum's credit card or any one who u know who has one and pay the money u spen d and owe them in cash always works for moi or just snog the bouncer and run in he'll be so sprised he'll just pass out or kill u

-- fat boy slim is fucking in heaven (benjaminskeggs@hotmail.com), October 28, 2001.

hi ya...i thought i was the only one!!!!i'm 17 and i look about 13...it's crap coz all my mates that are younger get in!!!i have to get a fake i'd....can any1 tell me where i can get one?....oh yeah and i think the leather jacket and the glasses thing sounds cool...see ya XXXX

-- sophia deeney (sophiadeeney@hotmail.com), December 15, 2001.

Talk loundly and hold you head and shoulders up.

-- Nick LOng (wow@hotmial.com), January 01, 2002.

sophia and brian, same problem with me too, I'm 17 and look like 15 or younger. it sucks big time! if you want to look your-aged or older what do you usually do?

-- Mike (dont@own.com), January 04, 2002.

its me again (from above). As my birthday is in june every1 is slowly turnin 18 (except me!). So wot i did on christmas eve was i used my 18 yr old friend's driving licence. As the picture is small it worked fine. He got asked 2 so he used his passport.

P.S. i did manage to get into that club on my birthday if neone is interested...

-- Pete (UK) (the_beast120@hotmail.com), January 10, 2002.

Well hi everyone the best thing to do to look older is

1. to not wear any Bracelets and things that go round your wrist unless there gold and silver and look mature. 2. Wear silver chain around the neck (it must not look cheap or be cheap). 3.Have a skinhead or very short hair It puts years on ya. 4.wear a shirt 5.Wear Dark jeans. 6.No TRAINERS wear shoes.(would ure dad wear trainers) 7.Have a fag in your hand 8.Maybe let the bouncers see you drinking. 9.Dont EVER EVER EVER look at the bouncers NEVER!!! 10.Guys build those muscles 11.Stand tall and strong 12.be confident if questioned of ure age Look the guy/s straight in the eye and say clearly and loudly"im 18" if they ask for Id say "It's at home back in london mate". 13.Be confident,dont fidget,stand still. 14.Think positive the brain can do anything even fool people into believeing you are older than you are.try this get a mirror look in it and say, I am 19 years old,I look 19 years old and I am 19 years old in every way.Reapete this over and over before you go out. 15.remember you are in control of ure own destiny and you can make ure dreams come true YOU WILL GET INTO THAT NIGHTCLUB!!!. 16.YOU ARE better than those bouncers Dont be shy And look away just because they BBB(BIG BALD AND BAD).Dont mean they can over power you.Dont let them.

By the way im 15 I can get into every club In manchester(u.k). It is so easy.BE CONFIDENT believe in yourself. Love and light from MARK.

-- Merlin the wizard (mysticmark13@hotmail.com), January 19, 2002.

hey, im 15 i got into a nighclub 2day (over 18), when it got to 11 i led my setandars slip and i got kicked out at 11:00, i am about 5'5 (very small), best thing get big heels on shoes,and then stuff them, make urself as tall as possible, deffiantely a fake i.d.. for small clubs, bouncers only want a quick look so they r not braking the law, get hair and stick on sideburns(deffinately works), stand up staright,talk deeply. height is very important. and although it is a bit tramp, have some acne, cos it makes u look older. its a bit must for me, because my band have gigs lined up, and if ur not 18 then ut not gonna be playing, dressing isn't important really (as i go to rock and metal clubs)

-- slinky winfield (slinky_666@hotmail.com), January 21, 2002.

The best tips i can give you to look older is:-

-Stand Tall -Smart Shoes (NOT TRAINERS) -Black Trousers or jeans -Smart shirt -Have a mature peice of jewelry (i.e. Silver Neclace, etc) -If you can grow sideburns, then do so! -Never Look the bouncer directly in the eyes! -Get chatting to the people around you in the que. -Talk with confidence -Dont wear stupid clothes like footbal tops, etc -Dont go in big groups, (they will always pick on one of ya!) -Go with women who look the same age (try putting your arms around them, even if u aint bf&gf) -AND FINALLY, HAVE A GOOD NIGHT!!!

-- Dave Wilson (WillowSeven@hotmail.com), February 06, 2002.

hi im 16 and look 14 it suks can ne 1 give me some advice as the other day i got blown out for a f**king 15

-- ben canon (nwa1988@aol.com), May 09, 2002.

If u want to look 18 these are the main elements of your problem

1)Speak with a very deep voice (Not to deep that u sound like a mong)

2) Facial hair helps, these are the types of hair that you should not shave off but keep under control. side,boards, a small amount of hair on u r chin always helps. As for a face full of hair forget it.

3)Never have long hair.a Reasonable lengh of hair spiked up always looks good. Blonde people aways have a baby face so i suggest either brown or balck is for you.

4) in my research i have found out that people with a darker skin always look older so get on that sunbed.

5)clothes are the most important thing when trying to look older. Always avoid bright colors and jeans. Trousers are the awnser but not black. If u live in the uk burtons and topman have a good range of "clubbing trousers". The shoes are definutly important this is where u go wild. Snake skin shoes white loafers etc never fail to impress a bouncer and tell him how old u r. Trainers are a definite NO NO !!!!.

6) Never drown u r self in after shave it just tell the bouncer that u r trying to make u r self smell older not to mention it stinks the whole place out.

7) Never be afraid to argue with the bouncer, make up u r date of birth laugh and joke with him and only use fake ID as a last hope.

Theses 7 tips should give u all the help u need. These following things are incase all else fails.

1) never set u r heart on one place.

2) be confident and prepared to be refused from places.

3) the bouncers often switch places hide round the corner untill they do then try with a different bouncer.

4) Walk in in small crownds pair u r self off in twos and send the two people who look the youngest in first. Never walk in with someone who looks younger or older that you.

Good luck -+-Rhys-+-

-- Reeze player (player_the_nutter@hotmail.com), May 15, 2002.

you guys are all pathetic

-- youngans (youallsuck@losers.com), June 04, 2002.

Im 14 and i live in the UK. Wen i want to buy some ciggs (for my dope smokin sessions with my mates) all i do is put smart shoes on dark trousers and a shirt. (undo the top button of the shirt and have a chain on). have smart hair but not to smart (it helps if its black). Make sure u go in by urself, walk right up to the counter and look the person behind the counter in the eyes and say "can i have a 12.5g pack of golden virginia" (or whatever) lets say u wanna buy 20 marlboro lights, dont go in and say "do u sell marlboro?" or "how much is a 20 pack of marlboro" just say "can i have a pack of marlboro lights please". and whatever u do dont go in and keep staring at the sign that sez "it is illegal to sell tobacco products to anyone under the age of 16" or theyll notice. Thats all

-- Joe Thomas (jhomas6065512@msn.com), June 27, 2002.

Glasses, nice clothes , side burns, and most important is having atleast one of your ears pierced

-- Joe Burnz (joe@wicked.com), July 14, 2002.

Get a fake ID and come to the UK then you can do anything and its easy to get into nightclub and get served at bars! But its more about looks so get some style and a decent hair cut

-- Kim Edmed (KIMBOMIMBO_99@YAHOO.CO.UK), July 27, 2002.

hey all in case anyone was wondering, age limits vary from province to province in Canada. in Nova Scotia, drinking/cigarette age is 19 and voting/porn at 18. I'm one of the people that looks young, I'm 18 but look 16 or so... that said, I've gotten past a few bouncers. Confidence is the key in my experience. one suggestion that noone mentioned (that I can remember) is having a slight underbite if you're a guy. This makes your features harder and older. Since I don't have one, I've adopted facial expressions that require me to push forward my jaw now and then. It looks really fake at first, but then it becomes natural...

-- AutoGhash (autoghash@hotmail.com), August 27, 2002.

man u wanna look older well have an older looking girl on ur arm! im 16 and look much older but dats not always a good thing! i have trouble paying bus fares,getting jobs (im an actress) and all sorts but have an older looking girl on your arm is wot i say!! id come but i live in london sorry!

-- catherine martindale (Cat.Martindale@virgin.net), September 14, 2002.

Hey, i'm a sisteen year old guy, but i look as though i'm 13-14, it's realy anoying as i get taken the p**s out me, and i have trouble with Girls, and before you say it, i havent really got stubble or sidie's, how can i look older ?

-- Chris H (chrishoop161@hotmail.com), November 07, 2002.

Im 24 and I still get asked I.d when I go to pubs/clubs and offlicences. I think its because of my abscence of facial hair and build (short, narrow-shouldred and thin). Allthough the angst and mental torture was really bad when I hit 18, my self-esteem was given crushing blows by other peoples arrogance. I think Its other peoples animal instincts to stop a child from being with adults or doing adult things. Even though the 'child' might be an adult but just looks like a child.

-- Robert Thompson (rob@yahoo.co.uk), November 09, 2002.

Well, to make yourself look older, you need to follow a few simple instructions: 1.N

-- Graham Gordon (ianggordon@hotmail.com), November 10, 2002.

Well, to make yourself look older, you need to follow a few simple instructions:(READ THIS!!!) 1.Never walk with people who look older then you, i just singles you out.2.Always be polite to the boucers, they can be charmed on to your side.3.Look lively but not over the top, they can tell is your drunk already, and will refuse you.4.Get a fake id or better still, use your older bro/sister's passport if they look a bit like you.5.If you have more than one form of id, and show everything you got, then it's a done deal!6.Wearing the right clothes is important, basically colours that go with your hair,skin,attitude.But keep them dull.7.Be persistant, if you give up too easily, they know, but if you stick up for yourself, then they are more inclined it think you're older.8.If you live in America, move to somewhere like the UK and enjoy the pubs,clubs and bars everyday.9.Attitude is everything, you own the whole street, show off! -Enjoy and look older-

-- Graham Gordon (ianggordon@hotmail.com), November 10, 2002.

For all the girlzzz: Flirt with the bouncers! I'm telling you, works like a charm........also, if you and your friends have fake id's, know their fake names and birthdays, because sometimes the bouncer will ask you the name of your friend and if it doesnt match the one on their id you're screwed...well, good luck then!

-- Chelsea, Montreal (hunny_bunny27@hotmail.com), November 15, 2002.

hi, i need some help looking 18: i got refused entry to a rock/metal club last night even though ive got in 5 or 6 times before. even my fake id didnt help. im 16 and quite short (bout 5'4). any advice on things that can help increase how old i look at all? thanks.

-- qwert (seorijesr@oijere.net), November 20, 2002.

hmm what can i say.. i grew a beard, and that helped alot.. took a couple months but payed off.

get familiar with the places you want to buy cigs/alcohol from, know your way around the store (go in a couple days before, scope it out) so the cashier thinks youre a regular.

ASK FOR MATCHES when youre buyin cigarettes; you: "i'll have a pack of Export A blue" clerk: "do you ---" you: "oh, and some matches please"

leather jacket!!

be confident, if youre shaky youre fucked

know EXACTLY what you want before you get it

fake id..

you can just walk into a store, talking on yoru cell phone (to a friend -- or to nobody) about getting your breakers and fuses delivered to an office, and how you'll persoanlly do it (show the clerk you have no time to chit chat -- or get carded)

uh uh uh uh i dunno thats about it good luck davey

-- pasha (montreal) (valavy_@hotmail.com), November 20, 2002.

I'm 16. I rarely get turned away from pubs and clubs, but it does happen. Bouncers swap on the doors of pubs. When a bouncer is alone, he is less likely to ask you for ID, also a young bouncer may be less likley too. Wear clothes that make you look big and muscley. For instance, I somtimes wear a short denim jacket, this seems to widen my shoulders. Don't talk to or look at the bouncers . If alone, follow people who are old enough closely behind, as to look as if you are with them. If asked for ID, don't be afraid to argue with the bouncers, but dont be aggressive or rude. Just say something like "your joking, im 19, i dont have any ID on me" If you have fake ID, 70 percent on the time it will work. I have a fake id, a bouncer asked me where i had got it from, i said "havnt you seen the ads on TV? its this company in london that does national proof of age cards, you have to go down and apply for em, its proper Id man trust me" Facial hair definatly helps lots, if you have big sideburns or a beard you will not get turned away. improve your posture, stand up straight, walk with a manly stride, as if to say 'IM HARD!!' look and act calm and cool as possible, have a deepened voice without sounding stupid. thats all the advice i can think of at the moment

-- John Dunne (doddy@dadoddstah.fsnet.co.uk), December 29, 2002.

I'm 16, and sometimes when i go out i look old, sometimes i dont. i first went out when i was 14. When i turned 15 i got into everywhere, even the hottest club in town. but about 6 months later i kept gettin denied! From the same places! Its really weird. All my mates look about 19/18 and i guess i dont look far off. I used to go every saturday to a club, all the kids from school used to be there. i swear they let 12 year olds in, no lie. But now they've turned stricter. They id grown women. N e ways..i got asked for ID the other nite, and looked the big scary bouncer rite in the eye, and told him that my id was in the post. he fell for it and smiled lettin me and my mate in, but not the other one. Another trick one of my mates has used, was to say that she had been in the club about 1/2 an hour ago and then left to go to another pub, but relised she had left her bag with her id in IN the club. The bouncer told her to go and tell the dj to announce it, and let her in with out paying (as she told him she had no money cos she had left her bag in there. ) of course it was a fat lie, but it worked. "I came here last week and my bag got stolen/lost, my id's comin in the post" or "i didnt bring a bag with me" is always a good one to use. IF YOU GET ID'D put up a fight! its an absolute must! If you were 18, and u got id'd from a club that u REALLY wanted to get into, ud obviously argue with the bouncer. so just get it into ur head "im 18/21/19" or how ever old u gotta b. if u live in the states i guess its harder. Theres big age difference btween say...16 and 21. So u may need to get a fake id, or just wait untill ur older.

-- me (charleygirl2000@hotmail.com), February 05, 2003.

i know how ya feel Dave, my m8 r draggin me off 4 a night out in a few weeks 4 her B/day, i am only 16 n get denied 4 fags half the time although i have been served before, can anyone give me some advice on looking older, if so, please can you Email me on hypo_hippy_2@hotmail.com as soon as possible, cheers people :) xoxox

-- toni marsh (hypo_hippy_2@hotmail.com), March 05, 2003.


Ive got the same problem, Im 17 and look about 14 :( Im at college and look like a skoolkid compared wiv evry1 else, i hate it so much and just want to look older, any advice? please?

if so email me nakatomi2@msn.com thnx

-- Michelle scott (nakatomi2@msn.com), March 12, 2003.

cut ur hippy hair shorter and spike it up wear some of thoose non prescrtion glass's the 3$ ones then look in the mirrior to seee if u look a bit older dontt dress fucking stupid like a 4 year old wear some shoes not runners and sports shoes or skateboaridn ones or ur fuct and dont act like a pussy make urself have an underbite to get in and when ur asking for drinks if u want smokes just find somone to get them for u it's not that hard but if ur going clubbin then do some shit like that

-- kellen spence (tylonalisland@hotmail.com), April 06, 2003.

sweet jesus.nothing can make u look older no matter what. bouncers are trained to be able to identify the ages of people, and they are pretty damn good at it. if ur underage and they let u in its usually cuz they cant b assed saying n e thing to ya or ur really sexy. its just helps if ur very great looking. (this only applies to girls). but with guys it is true, so much harder to get into places if ur a guy which is relly shit but sure u cant help it its jus cuz the bouncers dont fancy u. awk well this is what u sud do 2 look older. :if ur a guy, dress up as a woman preferably a sexy one : if ur a girl be sexy and if not get plastic surgery. jesus my ideas are so practical... i need sex

-- amy (mmsex10@hotmail.com), July 24, 2003.

the answer to make yourself look older without growing a beard is pretty simple:

no baggy clothes at all, no fancy over-dressed look ie fancy white nike shoes and clothes with big logos or expensive, catchy looking clothes, it'll draw too much attention... try not to wear sports caps either, they tend to make most guys look somewhat juvenile whatever the age. wear fitted but obviously not tight clothes and try to match colours so ya won't look to hippy.don't try to look too preppy though - it'll make you look loke your trying too hard! stand up straight and talk with a confident voice. don't hang out in big groups. this will make you seem a few years older than you are and i guarantee it!

-- josef wingler (rathyman69@yahoo.ca), July 31, 2003.

i am 15 and have just started going to clubs. i been going to pubs since i was 13. i got an ID but this is no good in clubs. i dont really have any stubble but im 6'1. unfortunatly i have a young face. The first time i went to a club my sister put some dark powder on my eyebrows to make them look a little more bushyer. This may sound gay and thats what i thought but i had no trouble getting in. once i was in getting drinks was fine which led to me being sick in the taxi lol oh well. i have been 3 times to this place and have got in twice. but if you do get stopped dont show them ID because they wont take it unless it is a passport or driving license just be polite and give them a fake date of birth if they still dont let you in just walk off being polite and dont make a fuss say yopu will bring it next time you come. If you make a fuss they will rember you for next time. good luck!!!!

-- jacob harmer (jacob_harmer@hotmail.com), August 02, 2003.

p.s if you need an ID contact me and i may be able to sort you out.

-- jacob harmer (jacob_harmer@hotmail.com), August 02, 2003.

yeah i have just started going to clubs (in the U.K where the legal age is 18 for most bars and 21 for some)but i never thought that i would be able to get in, but i went with two of my Girl friends and i was wearing a white long sleeved t-shirt and som very smart jeans black shoes and had my hair styled properly, i got in no problem and i havent had any problems since. just remember, if in doubt try to act as though the girl ur with is your girlfriend, and try not to look at the bouncers, but if you do dont look away if they catch ur gaze, keep eyecontact for a second or two so they know u aint worried. hey it worked for me

-- marc taylor (taylaz_03@hotmail.com), August 15, 2003.

well i had really long straight her down to the top ov my arse! then i got it cut ( by a mate when i was drunk one night!) and everyone thought i looked like 4 years older!!!! so the shorter your hair..the older u look! well only on lasses..not on u guys! (god, i am so glad our legal drinkin age is only 18!!!!!!) c ya! x

-- hayley (cheeekimonki@aol.com), August 30, 2003.

heya, 16 year old from england here......i have a problem in that i have one of those 'cute' kindaf young lookin faces, and i need to start lookin 18 to get into pubs and shit, cos im bored of just hangin about. im lookin for someoen who can really help me, and i can show pics and stuff, cos i look a bit weird (i reckon so anyway!). any help would be appreciated....and when getting sideburns, to start getting them what should u do exactly....shave just with the razor and leave a little left and keep doing that? or what....im not sure exactly what to do to make myself look older! im on msn so add me on msn or e-mail me plz :).

-- Roger Conway (conwayroger25@hotmail.com), August 30, 2003.

One thing me and my mates do is go to the same place every week.Also try going in earlier most pubs ,bars dont put bouncers on the doors till about 8 so if you go in at about 7 30 and stay there you will be fine. as long as you dress smartly and be confident you shouldnt have a problem.

-- Liam Jones (Jonezy 1986@aol.com), August 31, 2003.

OK, im 16 and look 16, i work in a newsagents and get a few kids that im unsure about to give cigs too. All ya gotta do is say 'hey!....how ya doin?!'. To look older, put some socks in ur shoes, grow some stubble, but not a sniedo bierd, makes u look like a bit of a joke. as for ID, phidentity.co.uk and phatism.co.uk and quality and discretion is the word, good luck! ;D

-- Dave (dave_the_rave2000@hotmail.com), September 01, 2003.

Another little tip, get a spare pair of car keys to jingle around when ur buying drinks. Wear smart dark clothes, get urself a nice leather wallet and some smart jewlery, (watch, chain etc.) to wear, all adds authenticy. And with ID, just type 'Fake ID UK' , u get hundreds of id sites, but the best are phidentity and phatism, VERY authentic cards!!! only £10 a must!! i was shit scared my rents would find it some how when it came in the post, but all went fine ;)

-- dave (dave_the_rave2000@hotmail.com), September 01, 2003.

Hey guys....I'm fifteen years old but I look like I'm 12. I don't want to necessarily go to night clubs...but oh my God I still get kids menu's at resturaunts!!! So, any tip on how a girl can look older, please tell me! Thanks.

-- (jelly_donut89@hotmail.com), September 06, 2003.

I'm 16 years old, female, and I've still got baby fat. DAMNIT! I want to look older. I've got little dimples and puffy cheeks, i don't want to wear any make-up. Is there anything I can do?

-- Rachel P. (snoozer_4_6@hotmail.com), September 25, 2003.

if you can only grow bum-fluff...grow it out as long as possible, then put some mascara on your chin and top lip fluff...i know it sounds weird but it seriously makes it look like a real beard, because the fine white hairs look coarse and black. I used to do this when i was about 14 and it looked like i hate a proper goatee and mustache.

-- anonymous (khlfhd@jhjkhfgd.com), October 15, 2003.

i'm only 14 and from the UK and i ordered a fake id saying that i was 18 but just yesterday i bought a 4 pack of fosters from tesco without them asking for id or nothing. I'd say to people who are underage and want to buy alcohol, go to the checkout with someone who is at the youngest 18 because under 18's aren't aloud to sell it to you.

-- Mike (wheelchairposse@hotmail.com), October 26, 2003.

I am 15 years i always fet in 2 clubs but recently i avent been able to get into ne ppl fink im older!!! Wen i go to a club that has a young bouncer its always the young one that stops me y?

-- Ciara Anne (Dream_catcherAngel@hotmail.com), November 13, 2003.

Look-im 13 and i can get served at a liquer store, my tips dont hang about with your mates in the shop, if you want to just do it on your own, wear dark clothes, keep sideburns and dont shave properly. I jus wear a dark leather jacket and act more maturely like saying "evening" or "morning" ect. if u know you dont look it try petrol station (liquer stores care to much because they get annual checks on their cameras by the police)they dont care at all. This will get you pissedif you are in the UK, cant garantee fo the US. England 18 is the drinking limit.

-- Joe Micheal (whataboxer@hotmail.com), November 19, 2003.

Does anyone realise that this David guy is actually 18 by now anyway? But for the rest of you just dress smartly and the rest is just luck. From age 16 to 18 i worked in an off-licence and refused many people cigs and booze so i know what they look for, about 70% of what people have said on here is bullshit. Speakin in an english accent?? BOLLOKS!! Bet that only worked once (if at all). You must realise that most (but not all) people on here just want to brag that they have been served in bars and stuff before. Anyway, my advice is to ask people as they go in to get you stuff. I know its tramppy but they have a much better chance of getting served than u. As for bars and clubs, its just luck...simple as that. A fake ID mite work but only if its a REALLY good one (u cud forge a recognised ID on your computer).

P.S. I dont care what people say, 13 is dangerously young to be drinking in any large amount. You dont know your limits at that age and your body cant handle it properly yet anyway. If your not careful you could end up killing yourself!

-- Jack Beanman (sakjg@sjdf.co.uk), December 05, 2003.

Im from Canada and the drinking age is 18 in some provinces, 19 in others. Unfortunately I live in BC so its 19. All you have to do is get a fake id that is believeable. Don't go up to a bouncer with a fake that says your 26 when your only 17. I am 18 but I got myself 2 fake id's. One that says by birthday is in january, one for July. That way when I show the bouncer my id it says I JUST turned 19 within a month or so. I ordered mine off the internet and they are incredibly professional. Here are some additional tips.

1. Dress the part! Dark colors work best for making yourself look older.

2. Hold your car keys in your hand. It sounds stupid but TRUST me it works. Just dont be jingling them infront of the bouncers face, make them visable discretely.

3. Don't even attempt to grow facial hair unless you can grow it THICK.

4. Talk intelligently, don't use words like, " Fuck man I got to level 4 in dragon ball z for ps2 this morning but my mom made me go to school."


-- Hayden Christensien (sad_existence541@hotmail.com), December 30, 2003.


-- david flint (hegehog_22@hotmail.com), December 31, 2003.

Hi. I'm 19 and I'm in college. But the problem is that I look way too young for my age. In college I'm constantly stared at and people often ask me how old I am. I don't have a beard but it's starting to grow but since I'm blonde it looks like I have no hair on my face. Can someone tell me how to look 4-6 years older? All the answers I read were for someone who would want to go out clubbing or get booze. Thank you bob

-- Bob (bobzombie001@yahoo.com), January 03, 2004.

hey im fifteen, i go to 16 and over teen clubs...and say i forgot my id, but everyone is always like whattt how old are u ? twelve? .and all of my friends say i look younger than i should....so wat can i do to look older....whoever emails me ill send u a pic an everythin cuz i rlly need the help !!!!!!!

-- alyssa lian sims (alyssa_lian14@hotmail.com), January 04, 2004.

umm..........you are 16, dont be a f*ck hole, just be your age. no one likes a poser!

-- your Mother (me@myself.com), January 15, 2004.

super glue a cat under your nose always worked for me

-- jack (steve_eats_chicken_legs@hotmail.com), March 07, 2004.

allo ppl rite im 16 but i look bot 5 and i wanna look older enought to get in the pubs and clubbs around london, well in london its alrite to getin to pubs an clubs if u no the wise ways,but things that work for me is well these little rules

1) ur hair. nicely gelled ohh and if u have blond high lights wow the bounchers really notice and shows that ur not at school as school dnt alow dem. ok i was in trouble at first at sckul but they forget afer a while

2) i have my ear pierced. it always helps maybe a gold or diamond ear ring but dont make it look tacky!!!!

3) i do wear glasses but hey it makes u look like a geek and dnt get the ladys but it can also make u look younger aswell

4) dark cloths ovid brite colours but white shirts or tops go down well. dark jeans aswell

5) wear shoes ok not trainers if u wear white shoes to mtch ur white top u look great.

6) get a id always helps

7) make friends wit bounchers dnt be afriad to get lippy and they will remember u next time.

8) use a irish acent oh my god no one mess wit the irish as they dnt want to think that ur takin the only reason they anint lettin u in is they cant under stand u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 9) GET PISSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- danny obrien (cheeky_chap_007@hotmail.com), March 09, 2004.

What i did, was too put a load of weight on and avoid wearing deoderant, it makes you look like a fat middle aged man. Im 13 and have been going out to clubs for the past 6 years and it has worked for me. Black people may have trouble though because there sick Gs

-- Shaun leavy (meated_69@hotmail.com), March 30, 2004.

so ur sayin yav bin clubbin since u wer 7?? alrite lad woteva. Best thing to do is keep your head up as you walk in, if your with a mate start talkin about something as you walk in, sort shows your relaxed an thinkin about other things than getin in! the fake ids dont work in clubs no more, well at least where I live (Bootle, UK) - an as a lot have said, black jeans an a smart shirt do ya well. I also go on the sunbeds a bit an keep me head shaved which seems to help like... an if you really want it bad enough a combination of the gym and some steds helps some of my m8s. l8az

-- Speno (speno@msn.com), March 31, 2004.

I am 19 in the US and found a new way recently to look older when buying liquor.

1. Don't sleep much the nite before you plan to buy liquor. I didn't sleep at all. It will create circles under your eyes and give you the stressed out apearence of those older and employed with big to do wall street jobs. this definatly adds a very noticable age differnce, next time ur absolutely exausted take a look at yourself.

2. if ur skinny, wear layers underneath a dark button down shirt.

3. go in reaking of tabbaco. it will show u are AT LEAST 18.

4. dont shave ur face. (however if u have peach fuzz shave it alot until it starts comming in heavier.)

5. BE POLITE and RESPECTFUL. Don't act like a kid and dont be like "yo dude wats up?", be proffessional like you are outta school trendy talk and workin for big bucks.

6. IF ur short get some shoes that make u less vertically challenged.

7. Don't overdue your hair, dont underdo it. Dont draw attention... Make it neat and presentable. Combing to the side for example tends to make me look a little old fashion which is good. it works for me but its different for each person.

8. Know wat u want to get before you go in. DO NOT BE INDESICIVE. if u dont know what you want it shows u are inexperienced with alcohol.

uh, people dont always expect to get into the best clubs if ur under age. sometimes ur gonna have to settle for a less picky club. I can look almost 21 and had a fake id and still didnt get in sometimes because the bouncers r good at wat they do, i mean it is their job.

America is supposed to be such a free country yet its more tyrranical about drugs and alcohol than most countries i know of. America is overatted, i gotta go take a vaca in england or australia! 21 to drink is bs!

-- phil spires (proton12@hotmail.com), April 02, 2004.

If you are trying to get into a club and you think you look underage just walk straight in on your own without looking at the bouncers, they rarely ever expect a minor will walk in on his own

If you are asked for id say that the only id you got is your driving license and you had to send it off because you got a few points

When talking to people that you want to think you are older never use any slang, say we are instead of we're

also dont get shitty if u dont get in at the end of the day its a bouncers job not to let underage people in

-- Tony (tony_williamson@hotmail.com), April 11, 2004.

You could always tryFake ID!


-- Jake Roberts (jakey@nospam.org), April 13, 2004.

u sad poofs. just walk past the bouncers at the niteclub with confidence. even get smashed b4 u go and u will b confident

-- Born with beard (5yearold@shutup.com), May 31, 2004.

well ppl i would say if u have blonde hair, dye it dark and then highlight it, grow ur beard, and sideburns, tlk loud and put on a deep voice, and go in with a semi sized penis, just before a hardon, and make sure they see the buldge. P.S. IM WAS STONED AND PISSED WHN I WROTE THIS!!!!! AND ALSO IM GAY

-- Stephen Gardiner (thebhoys7@tiscali.co.uk), May 31, 2004.

I'm from the UK. I'm 16 and 6ft tall, i cant grow sideburns but im starting to grow a bit of dark hair above my top lip but still get refused access 2 clubs etc...... What am i doing wrong? and how can i look older??

-- Paul (hahaha@hotmail.com), June 01, 2004.

alright i am 5'0 luckly i got a behind of a 20 year old and amazingly this makes me look older. My friend and I are both 15 and wev decided its time to club, BUT i have a problem, she looks 10. Shes very thin 5'2. Her legs are long but thin like a little girl, she really does look 10 the only thing i think she has that makes her look older is the round circles under her eyes! HELP

-- Janice from canada (none@none.com), June 01, 2004.

hey im doin m gcses at the mo and wana go out to a club (over 18s#) after them but i luk reali young. eg my teacher who ive had 4 TWO years thought i was a third year changin gcse choices when i was askin 2 change m A level choices. anyway my friend luks reali young but shes got in2 a club b4 a few times and thinks she'l get into this one 2 but the anyone cud get in2 the one she got into.ya no? anyway i wud reali appreciate sum advice coz i have to get in coz it'l b a mad nite!! thanks!! *Becka*

-- Becky O'Hare (becaoh208@hotmail.com), June 05, 2004.

its easy for younger girls to look 18, all you have to do is get your clevage out and wear a short skirt. Where as fellas have to grow stubbles or sideburns (and unfortunately for me i cant) but all my mates can and they get in2 clubs and im goin 2 get left behind if i dont come up with something quick. Anyone out there got any tips on how fellas can look 18? Or are there any drugs i can get from my GP/Doctor to help me grow facial hair????

-- Paul (hahaha@hotmail.com), June 05, 2004.

oh my god! drugs?! what the hell is wrong with you boy?!

-- dave (ll?@asdf.com), June 26, 2004.

try puttin mascara on any facial hair on ya top lip and where sideburns wud be. There are very faint hairs in these places that mascara can thicken up. Never tryed it myself but if ya thinkin drugs from ya GP it sounds like you'll try anything.

-- Frank Karal (franksyadaddy@hotmail.com), July 03, 2004.

if your trying drugs i recomend Obecalp. That'll work... definitly.

-- Stevo (nil@nothing.com), July 04, 2004.

Emmm,this thread has been going on for three years...nice... Yeah,im going through the same problem too im nearly 15 but i look about 16,i went to school pretty young and i just finished my junior cert,irish standardised testing for 14-16 year olds,and green day are playing a strictly over 18s show,and since they have been my favorite band since i was seven i have to go...Fake ID essential?

-- Billie joe (idiotboxmax@hotmail.com), July 07, 2004.

You sound like a fat little cunt. Many 18 year olds look far younger then they should these days, because this society (all around most of the Western World) has become quite soft with the liberal & yuppie "culture" being accepted. People are just more immature and softer now in general.

If you want to look older, lose some weight you fat little fuck! There is very little difference between fat boys and girls. I can hardly tell them apart. Steers & cows.

-- Buffalo Bill (blackbooty@groups.msn.com), July 15, 2004.

Hi There!

I'm 15 yrs old and have bought cigs before, but have never tryed out a nightclub for 18's.


There is a link to a picture of myslef that I have taken. Please check it out and see if I look older than 18.


-- Roy (royhenry114@hotmail.com), July 19, 2004.

girls: flirt wiv the bouncers, sweet boys: confidence, believe u r 18. dnt b afraid 2 argue

-- bill brosnan (billy@hotmail.com), July 24, 2004.

hey well i was having the problems with the lookin older to get into clubs, and all these lil comments are pretty cool, so when i go to mex this year ima use them. ima argue with the bouncers, and flirt, and wear short skirts. thanks. me..

-- daisy (futbolesmivida23@yahoo.com.mx), August 03, 2004.

WoW, I forgot that I asked this question 3 years ago! Thank you guys for your suggestions. I found out about this web site that really helped me look more mature, and actually make some money out of it to buy stuff for 18 and 21 years and older from grocery stores. check it out, even if you are older than 21: www.blusphere.com it might ask for an IBO # : 3843040 Thank you guys, Laters

-- David Houston (hextronic@hotmail.com), August 07, 2004.

hey dave, smoking is rubbish . I'm 19 but look 15, i got a baby face so i get asked for i.d for ciggarettes(have to be 16 in UK), i started smoking to look older... i am now addicted,unfit, and my skin is terrible... and still look 15 and i've been smoking for 3 years-so dnt smoke. I agree with the ppl who said dress smart and work on your confidence(get a book on body language off the net, it will help you grately) and the same if you want to get into a pub or club, just grab a bird off the street for 2 mins and the bouncers never ask for I.D if your with a female,good luck dave...

-- Kevin Jnr (rarecloud@hotmail.com), February 11, 2005.

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