January 2001 calendar photo

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I'm looking at the January photo on the 2001 ACL/SAL calendar and have a couple of questions. One, the original track configration was a double track from Wildwood that ended about 200 yards before the Coleman split, then became a single track to the split. The photo shows the double track extended to the split. Does anyone know what year the track configration changed? Two, is the building at the right of engine 551 the Coleman depot?

-- Carey Stevens (cstevens@webzone.net), January 02, 2001


There is a picture of the Coleman depot in Bob Warren and Fred Clark Jr.'s book "Seaboard Coast Line in Florida" on page 90 taken in 1975. It appears the depot is in the same location in the photograph shown in the calendar.

The station has recently been moved back trackside and is located in approxiamately the same location Unfortunately, it has not been repainted as the pictures show.

I'm not sure when the track arrangement was changed. I will ask some ex-SAL men in Wildwood if they can remember if and when the track arrangement was changed.

Bill Dusenbury Leesburg, FL

-- Bill Dusenbury (SCLBILLD@aol.com), January 03, 2001.

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