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Renewed curiosity has me wondering. I read where the SCL/SAL/ACL ran all the way down to Miami and there apparently was a route from Miami to Tampa. Any info on this route would be appreciated, approximately where and or what towns this line passed through to get to Tampa, and is there any existing trackage left. There is a museum of some sort in Parrish, Fl. ( I'm just starting to research that ) was that or any of the trackage there in any way related to the Miami to Tampa route. Thanks in advance, Dan

-- Dan Klee (, January 01, 2001


The route still is run,but I do not know if it is all the same trackage as SBD.The only freight train CSX runs to Miami Q453 starts in Waycross,to Jax,then Tampa and Miami the train is run daily and reaches Fort Lauderdale around 10pm.The north bound freight is Q452 and is only run as needed,and I believe it is mostly empties dead heading.See the webb site for stations on Q453s route.Also K900 series rock trains.Also The site CSXT freight train menue.

-- D.C.Allen (, February 23, 2002.


Got several hours...??? Give me a call (727) 866-1023

Ted Strickland St. Petersburg, FL ACL & SAL HS

-- Ted Strickland (, January 02, 2001.

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