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I would like to model a Southern Trainmaster. I don't think the Athearn is close but I am going to do it anyway. Who would make decals for it? I would like to make up some RS-3 in the black and white paint scheme who makes decals for this. I think Atlas did a run of these but thay are hard to find. Does any one have a Atlas SD-24 in Southern still? I would like to get a hold of one or two for my layout. Thanks

-- Greg (, December 31, 2000


The Southern Train Masters were Phase IIb I think. They had low pilot walkways so to be accurate you'd have to cut them down. Also the numberboards are incorrect for this phase as are the radiator grilles. I'm hoping Atlas will release an HO scale model next year. You could use the Microscale hood unit set for the green scheme. You may be able to find an Atlas SD24 at a white elephant sale but it too is inaccurate. I believe LifeLike will eventually do an accurate one based on teh SD7/9 chassis. The Atlas RS3s were rerun a couple years ago and are readily available--Microscale also makes correct decals for the black scheme.

-- Larry Puckett (, December 31, 2000.

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