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I've been looking into ordering some Delaware chicks to add to my laying stock. I currently have (mostly) silver laced wyandottes. I have a couple of delawares that a relative gave me and they have been good layers, but what I love is that they successfully set and raise chicks! That's something none of the other breeds I've had have done, even a few banties. Does anyone have them and how do they like them? They are on the "rare" list with the few hatcheries I've found that carry them, so they are a little pricey. Any info will be greatly appreciated! God bless, Nancy in CA

-- Nancy in CA (, December 31, 2000


I don't have any, but they are one of the top runners as replacements when I cull and replace some of my golden comets in the spring. They are not only rare but considered to be an antique breed. A couple of generations ago they were a very common homestead breed. Then new breeds were developed for this or that quality, usually breeding out broodiness and good mothering in exchange for high production laying.

I really like the idea of antique breeds. There is a poultry site called feathersite (I think!). I liked that one alot.

I was also considering a breed called the black java. There was an article written about them in Countryside back in the spring or summer.

Well good luck and hopefully we'll be raising some homegrown chicks soon!

-- Denise (, December 31, 2000.

We have a flock of Delawares - had 'em for four years. We hatched out some of their eggs, and we were very pleased with their hardiness and rate of growth. They don't grow as quickly as the cornish X's, but they are hefty and solid. They lay prolificly, and the rooster we have is a sweety, not at all mean. We will probably be getting a new rooster in the next year or so, to bring in some "new blood". I highly reccommend the breed. Oh, yeah, due to the mainly white feathers, they are a breeze to pluck (well, easier than a brown or black bird ;-)).

-- Judi (, December 31, 2000.

Nancy, About 4 months ago, I bought 6 baby chicks. They were supposed to all be Delaware pullets. One was a Delaware rooster, one turned out to be a white leghorn and a possum ate one of them. I still have 3 Delaware hens. They seem to be a heavier breed than the leghorn and are always hungry. In another pen, I have 2 barred rocks, a few black australops (or however you spell it) and a 7 or 8 silver laced wynadotts which have just started to lay. I also have a pen or a dozen Red Stars and they've been really good layers. The Delawares are only 3-4 months ago and already they are my largest chickens. They are white with some black feathers added in. They are heavy and I guess they'll get bigger because I've never seen them full. They are always hungry (like teenagers). I also have some bantams, Old English Black Breasted Reds). They are really neat. Well, if you're interested, I'll let you know my Delawares are progressing. Eagle

-- eagle (, December 31, 2000.

Some hatcheries are better than others, pricewise!

Delaware Chicks:

Privett Hatchery

1-24 ~ pullets ~ $1.89 each

= = = = = = = = = =

Ideal Hatchery

No minimum number of chicks ~ Minimum order $20

Pullets ~ $1.60

= = = = = = = = = =


Pullets ~ $2.50

~Rogo South Central Texas

-- ~Rogo (, December 31, 2000.

Sand Hill Preservation Center also carries the Delawares ~ $2.25 each.

~Rogo South Central Texas

-- ~Rogo (, January 01, 2001.

Thanks for the input. I had found that Ideal has the best price on them. I wish the hatcheries or ? hadn't bred the broodiness out of everything. I have started different breeds advertised as "very broody" and never had any of them replentish the flock. So I think the Delawares will be worth the expense in this respect. Many blessings in tne New year to you all!

-- Nancy in CA (, January 01, 2001.

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