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Found this Ag Dept sponsored site on garding/farming methods.

It has some interesting content on "permaculture".

-- Jay Blair in N. AL (, December 30, 2000


Been to it too.I need to find time to review it more tho.I found some other interesting sites along the same lines that I'll have to take time to access.

We are moving more & more in this direction ourselves.One of the things I'm thinking is my perennial herb garden(I have alot of dirrerent ones I grow) under the fruit trees,as a way of fitting in more 'stuff',too.Herb flowers to attract pollinators and beneficials,as well.Seems no matter how much room I have,I need more with each passing year.

I was on a forum on biodynamic gardening,but they were beyond what I'm doing,at this point.Got bored.

One thing i'm trying to do is emphasize natives.I'm trying to get a native legume covercrop to use as a permenant mulch.Have some ideas,but not sure yet.Need to research it out some more.

I need to get my natives started, like now,to give them time to stratify.

Well,I do love to talk gardening!

-- sharon wt (, December 31, 2000.

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