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You have given all of those who have worked hard to remedy Y2K and all who prepared for the outcome [good or bad] an incredible year of information. I consider the work done on this site by you and others a very valuable resource and a commentary on some of the "unspoken" effects of Y2K during the year 2000. While many have boo-hawd the "non event" those who have done remediation in big industry know quite well the extent of errors that have effected much of the technical sector over the past 20 months. The press, and the public remain uninformed and ignorant of the potentials of future problems, but this site will remain as historical evidence the markers of these failures. Also thanks to Ed, Cory, Paula, Jim, and all the other heroes [yes even Gary]. May your time and efforts be rewarded and we hope you have an excellent 2001, prep on. Shockwave

-- Shock Wave (, December 30, 2000


Saw the Thank You note and just had to add.... I come to your site EVERY day to find the News I can't find anywhere else. It's great! I use some of your info on CNN Chat. Please keep it up! And yeah, I'm still prepared for any emergency that might come up. Still think the government was more suprised than anyone that Y2K wasn't more lethal. Watching the oil prices and stock bet I still have alternate heat source and LOTS of canned goods. : )

Thank you very much!

-- solace (, December 30, 2000.

Shockwave, Just a note to thank you for your posting and the kind sentiments you expressed. Did you see the very recent thread on GICC that provides a bit of an overview of things that went on in the Year 2000: It might be of interest if you missed it. With best wishes,

-- Paula Gordon (, December 31, 2000.

Society as a whole, has become like the three monkeys. See no evil, Hear no evil, and Speak no evil. Fortunetly there are some realists who will risk ridicule, and open their eyes, ears, and mouths. That simple people like me, can have a chance too see whats going on in the world. THANKS ALL! THANKS ALL! THANKS ALL!

-- Lee Blocher (, December 31, 2000.

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