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hello,i am unable to add mpeg files in easy cd creator 4. i get the stat screen which indicates that the mpeg file passes specs...yet when i press the add button i get a screen that says "not the proper format". has anyone seen this before? is there a solution? thanks. gary

-- gary glaser (, December 30, 2000


I hope I understand what you are asking. Here is what to do (in win98).

1. Click your start button on the task bar. 2. Take the pointer to the "RUN" selection and select it. 3. Type this on the entry box without quotes. "msconfig" 3. Under the system.ini tab, look for the "mci" folder and open it. 4. Edit the line that says "MpegVideo=MciCinem.drv DVD" to say "MpegVideo=mciqtz.drv DVD". To be on the safe side, Caps are important as far as I know when you edit this. 5. Click on the "ok" button and reboot your system.

Now when EZCD looks at the mpg file it will find the codec it likes. Good luck and I hope this helps you as I find EZCD to work the best for me.

-- Rog Moore (Not that one..) (, December 30, 2000.

Again, you need White Book Compliant MPEG's in order to burn them onto a CD. Easy CD creator will not burn them unless they are in the correct MPEG format-not just any MPEG, but a fine tuned MPEG with specific specifications. Here they Are:

MPEG still images can also be stored in the area. Each MPEG sequence is added to the disc’s file system in a directory named SEGMENT with a file name of ITEMxxxx.DAT where xxxx is a number. Items in this area cannot be played in a CD-I player. The maximum bit rate (MBR) for MPEG files is 1,377,600 bits per second. The MPEG video data stream has three possible formats:


· Film


The following table lists the picture size and picture rate for each format:

Format Picture Size Picture Rate NTSC 352x240 29.97 Hz Film 352x240 29.976 Hz PAL 352x288 25 Hz The maximum video stream bit rate varies. For tracks, the rate is 1151929.1 bits per second. For the segment area, the rate is limited by the maximum bit rate and the requirements of the Audio data stream. The video pack size is 2324 bytes.

MPEG Audio Parameters

Layer 2 Sampling Frequency 44.1 kHz Bitrate: —for audio/video tracks 224KBits/sec —for segment area ranges 0 to 384 kBits/sec Mode: —stereo —Dual Channel —Intensity Stereo —Single Channel only allowed for segment area The audio pack size is 23304 bytes. As a source, you can use MPEG system files which are interleaved video and audio and MPEG video files where Video CD Creator allows the interleave with audio data in MPEG audio.

-- Dave P (, January 01, 2001.

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