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Does anyone have information on the ER and Friends dvds? I want them so badly. I saw them in region 2 format, but I have region 1 . Does anyone know how to chip dvd players?

-- Maya (, December 30, 2000


You are the person who emailed me aren't you??? - did you go and check out the sites??? As for having your machine modified to take Region 2 - I know someone in the US told me that it can be done through an internet download (though how true this is I dont know)but they did not seem to know if it was legal in the US or not and said that you would really have to look hard to find the modification. In the UK it is perfectly legal to have your machine modified, but does cost a bit and you would probably want someone to make the modification for you (I sent my Dvd player away to get it upgraded to take Region 1 Dvds as well as Region 2). What about playing them through your Dvd Rom drive on your PC???? - mine gives me an option for either Region 1 or Region 2 - could be worth checking out??

-- Tara-Jane (, December 30, 2000.

Heres another thought!!, since I mentioned Er Dvds on the Er Messageboard and then the Friends Dvd enquiries, I have received tons of emails from all over the world (especially the US) asking me where you can get them, that maybe someone should contact Warner Bros direct and ask them if they will release the DVDs in Region 1 Format - you could get people to sign a petition type of thing to email to them to prove how popular they would be - just an idea - what do you think??? I don't mind helping out?! - T-J xxx

-- Tara-Jane (, December 30, 2000.

Hey Tara-Jane, maybe you should ask Mike if he would please put this question should in the FAQ section of this site if that's what's so people will stop e-mailing you about it all the time. This was just a suggestion.

-- Cammie (, December 30, 2000.

Ugh! I deleted some words and screwed up a sentence I see. The word "should" is not supposed to be there. And that one sentence should say "so that people will stop e-mailing you about it all the time." Sorry about that.

-- Cammie (, December 30, 2000.

Hey!!, you misunderstand me a bit - I really don't mind people emailing me and asking, to be honest, I have made like so many friends, a couple of which I chat to alot, from people keeping contact with me after asking about the Dvds. All I meant was that sometimes it can work when alot of people get to together to ask for something. Technically, it does not bother me cos' I have all the Er and Friends Dvds (not showing off at all - I totally promise you) but I think it would be nice if they were available to each and every one of us.........and because of this I really don't mind helping set something up. Thanks for replying though cammie. - T-Jxx

-- Tara-Jane (, December 30, 2000.

hey tara i've emailed you manny times and even though i can never buy the DVD (sob)i still would like to know the adress. Could you just please post it here?

-- er_aussie (, December 30, 2000.

to er_aussie- hey you!!!, you only mailed me 2 times btw and then I never heard from you to know if you got my mails - this is why you do not have the site addresses. If I remember rightly, you told me "you must be a millionaire to afford them dvds" - this was really funny (lol) and then I never heard from hard feelings I hope!! (oh, and just for the record - NO I am not a millionaire (would be nice though) T-Jxxx

-- Tara-Jane (, December 31, 2000.

Oh, and just for you I will now give you the 2 site addresses to which you can purchase ER on dvd and Friends on Dvd too. Although, you can get Friends on Dvd much cheaper in the UK. I purchased my ER dvds from: but you can also get them from: - go check em' out - and btw they are totally worth the price cos' they are excellent!!!! -T-Jxxx

-- Tara-Jane (, December 31, 2000.

Thankyou! now i can see them and pretend that i'm gonna get them! Oh well, at least the ER avertisement for season 7 has started . I saw the first one yesterday before the 6:00 news!

-- er_aussie (, January 01, 2001.

Maya, the Friends dvd is out in the states already. I saw them at a Virgin Megastore. I don't know where you live but you should ask around. BTW for anybody who has the Friends DVD, I know that episode where Noah & George made a cameo appearance was included in the DVD. I just want to know if they included a part that was not seen in the re-runs.

-- abigail (, January 02, 2001.

anybody there with any sites on how to convert the dvd player from region one to two or vice-versa ..please help!!! tons of dvds from the wrong region in my collections.

-- humphrey (, April 04, 2001.

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