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Bishop Young will formally launch the 10th District IT Committee at the Founder's Day Celebration. We hope to get at least one representative from each PE District, lay or clergy, each conference, and even at large members. The primary function will be to design and implement the IT direction for the 10th District. Any member of the 10th Episcopal who is willing and desires to serve on this committe should contact Pastor Paris or Bishop Young and be at the meeting on Thursday preceding the Founder's Day Celebration.

-- Alton E. Paris (, December 30, 2000


Thanks Jerryl. Hope you got my email regarding the database. Each person should got to:, REGISTER, send me your username and I will give you access to the database so that you can complete and share your personal information without sharing it with the world.


Pastor Paris

-- Alton E. Paris (, March 16, 2001.

At long last, I finally have all the pieces in place to transfer the minnutes to this web site. I apologize for the delay. Conferences represented at the meeting were Northwest, Central, South, West, Northeast, and Texas.

The Bishop began the meeting with prayer.

Bishop Young was excited to start this initiative. He was looking for an opportunity to establish a linkage across the district, including e-mail, notices, and general information sharing. He noted that he was not a computer whiz, but he wants to make sure that the district was in a different place technologically.

The Connectional church is moving that way. There was a meeting at the General Board to link secretaries, financial people, etc.

Ms. Young has looked at the web pages for the entire district. Her concern was consistency of presentation and information, basically, how the Tenth is represented to the web.

Rev. Paris has been working in this area. He is connected with the District office, and has been a leader in the initiative. We are ready to move ourselves to a different place. Bishop wants to have people in media and communications that are on the same page, that district communications are uniform in look and feel.

Every Presiding Elder District will need to identify a key person. Annual Conference Secretaries need to be involved. The Bishop is asking this group to help us put things in place.

The most important thing is getting moving.

Bethel San Antonio just put a web site on: Secretary's note: I tried the site, but haven't reached it yet. If anyone is successful, please let me know. Another new church to the District may be found at

Bro. Albert Brewer (Ward Memorial, Houston) Asked to have the e-mail addresses added to the sign-in sheet.

The Tenth District web page looks very nice. A concern is to make sure each conference's data is accurate and up to date. Rev. Sarah Davis (Bethel, San Antonio) would like to see what the purpose of the web site should be. Is it a place of communication, of information? That should be defined up front. Bishop responded that it should be a place of accurate and current communication. It should also have an avenue so people can communicate, so they can send ideas back and forth. He would like to be able to, when he goes through the district in March, to be able to take down information, and report on his trip, sharing visitations, conversations, etc. An up-to-date vehicle would allow him to say where he's going to be.

The bishop wants to improve our database, and to capture the talents and exposure that will enhance our skills. The Bishop doesn't want to assess the leaders, but wants the leaders to emerge. He wants active, present leadership, chosen from among us. We would want to move in the way that we would have our ties at every one of the twelve Presiding Elder districts.

We want to organize ourselves in this way - a representative for each presiding elder district, who is tied to an annual conference representative. We want to aid the persons responsible for communications and public relations. These people would be involved in what is the image we want to project. The Bishop noted that the image of the district is significantly different from what we put forth ten years ago.

Bishop would like to make time for this "Faith and Technology" group in the future. Presiding Elders are coordinating his visitation time, and the bishop would like IT committee to have input in it. For May Day we'll be sure to pick a time for us and by then he will use the gathered names from the seven conferences. He tentatively set a block of time for the afternoon on the 9th of May. Bishop would like to invite some people in who can help us and further strengthen what we can be doing. Bishop is blocking out 9-4 for Faith and Technology Day.

Between now and then we will build the technology database. One contributor noted that he has at least three people already who work in setting up web pages. Another noted that there doesn't seem to be any criteria laid out.

Rev. Paris reminded everyone to put his or her e-mail address on the sheet, and he would build a list.

Agreement so far:

We are looking for the expansion of our talent and the exposure of our resources. When you do communications and you have responsibility for a very excellent communication apparatus, you need as much talent as you can get.

Bishop wants to be sure those selected are "apt and meet". He'd like us who are here today to engage in leadership. Bro. Paris called for people who have a willingness to learn. He suggested a community college as a good source. He pointed out that Microsoft has Hotmail, but there are other places that you can get e-mail addresses, but they may not be there. Rev McBride asked for the building of a district directory. Rev. Paris warned us not to open attachments, but to send out a proclaiming message before sending an attachment.

Ms. Reid called for us to avoid sending chain letters. Pam Tilley (Union Bethel, Houston)called for a good address for historical information.

Rev. Paris will add a link to Hotmail to the Tenth district site.

Please e-mail any corrections, addenda, or omissions to me. Thanks,

-- Jerryl Payne (, March 15, 2001.

Pastor Paris, do we know the time of the meeting? I need to coordinate my vacation time at work, and coordinate with Pastor Payne on pick-up of the children.


-- Jerryl (, January 11, 2001.

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