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I would like to know how to make candles from beeswax using tallon and where I could buy the moulds.

Thank you,


-- Phyllis R Jack (, December 29, 2000


You can get the molds from Lehmans.( I think the directions are on (Rocky Mountain Survival Group). You can make the candles without the molds though. I know you can take thin sheets of beeswax and roll it tightly around a wick. I've seen in done on television. You can also do it the way the Puritans did and dip the wicks in the melted wax, let it harden, then re-dip until the candle gets as big as you want. A mold would be much, much easier though, although they are expensive.

-- (, December 29, 2000.

We've made lots of candles just using what we have for molds. Oranje juice cans, quart milk cartons, small margarine tubs, etc. Anything where the top is equal to or wider than the bottom for easy removal. You just need to put a nail hole in the bottom, thread your wick material up through and tie it to a bolt or pencil across the top to keep it centered till the wax hardens. I use just beeswax, don't mix it with anything else. I melt the beeswax in an old coffee can set in a pan of water on the stove. Wax is very flammable...don't heat it directly on the stove.

-- kate henderson (, December 29, 2000.

I found when I started makeing beeswax candles,, to get them from the bee suppliers,, they have the wax molds and everything,, its cheeper than from Lehmans and such,, afterall,, they are the suppliers for them

-- Stan (, December 29, 2000.

Ask a local beekeeper. That may sound silly but they usually are a member of a club and know where to get supplies LOCALLY. That spells helping local people, in turn that means help is just a phone call away quicker spplies when you run out of something right- in- the- middle of doing it. I do both dip from a vat and mold. Dipping gets me 100 pair per day, molds just a few. Skip the fat you'll end up with an expensive mess, unless you have a GOOD formula. Stick with beeswax. and hang them from the wick stright down until needed, that way if they get warm you don't get crooked candles. Fat candles soft smoke and stink ! I also do everything OUTSIDE ! ( I"m a fireman) the mess is out and the fire danger is outside. Heat over a double boiler, pour off into chunks when finished for the day, Don't try to remelt a solid can of wax -the bottom hot liquid may boil a hole in the chunk causing a volcano effect throwing melted wax all over the place. very spectular an quiet the mess! Think safety. Greg medic, beekeeper, and candle stick maker

-- Greg Sanderson (, December 29, 2000.

Re: Greg's response above about the mess -- he found that out the hard way!! LOL!!

-- Kathleen Sanderson (, December 30, 2000.

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