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Ran across this on a search (will attempt a link posting, if I fail miserably, copy and paste)

It's edgy and very "today's youth" sort of stuff, but if you have teen ager's who would like to visit a website on organic gardening from the point of view of their peers, this would be fun. Also fun for openminded adults. Definately interesting.

-- Soni (, December 29, 2000


I cannot believe that actually worked. Cooolll!

-- Soni (, December 29, 2000.

Soni- I have visited this site before and there is some interesting info there. However, from reading a lot of the responses on this forum regarding allowing your children into various sites, please be aware that there is a very obvious link about half-way down the page for "Do-it-yourself Absinthe" that may give parents cause for concern. Just an opinion. Jack

-- jack (, December 29, 2000.

Interesting site. Gardening IS about as radical a thing as anyone can do.

-- Sam in W.Va. (, December 30, 2000.

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