What the Hell is Going on!

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holy shit! (exclaim exclaim!) i couldnt find a guestbook, so here i am.. i wanted to send you guestbook love but its gone. i saw gone in 60 seconds tonight. its fucking amazing. a gorgeous bunch of actors as usual. Angelina is looking fabulous as usual. rawr. hehe. anyways.. dont want to sound like a dyke or anything, i better go. before i scare everyone else. ;)

later jenn jenn. xox. sg.

-- snare girl (girl@punkriot.net), December 28, 2000


Response to what the hell is going on!

Oooh, I was going to see that, but I heard she was only in it for like 60 Seconds.

-- Jen (WINTER@NYC.COM), December 28, 2000.

its true. it wasnt much of an appearence. shame. shes talented, and unconventional. you know how we grrls love that. :) hehe.

sugar and love. sg. xo

-- snare girl (girl@punkriot.net), December 28, 2000.

Perhaps.... I should rent it anyways. I luff her so muchly.

-- Jen (WINTER@NYC.COM), December 29, 2000.

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