Wimberley's W2D2

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Hi, I have been using PMK with FP4+ and have been getting good results, but sometimes I find the highlights a little too soft. Can anyone give me some feedback on Wimberley's formula ? I am looking for a pyro formula that does not stain with such a yellow green color, and that I can do minus and plus development.Any help is appreciated. Thank You

-- Arthur Nichols (Artnichols@syda.org), December 28, 2000


All the pyro formulas I've used have stained with a yellow-green stain. But pyrocatechin formulas have a stain that brown to black. I recommend you try Pyrocat-HD, which was specifically developed as a substitute for PMK. The formula and what other info I have can be found at:


-- Ed Buffaloe (edb@unblinkingeye.com), December 28, 2000.

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