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Not a question....just letting you guys be MV suffered a main computer failure....symptoms were an immediate massive power loss....equated to I suppose about down to two cylinders worth of power (and two dragging) only. Replaced by warranty but a bitch if I weren't luckily only 1/4 mile up the road from home!

-- Dave Penhale (, December 27, 2000


Not sure if its the same problem but he experienced loss of 2 cylinders also. Maybe you guys can compare notes and share with the forum.

Failed me twice so far

-- mod (, December 27, 2000.

Often times the computer is the result of a problem and not the cause. A fault in the secondary ignition system (coils, spark plugs or plug wires) can cause a voltage spike to feed back to the computer. Make sure that the coils have been checked out and the plug wires are not worn or frayed. Leaking valve cover gaskets can cause oil to collect around the spark plug. This will also short out the secondary ignition system. Computers do fail but it would be worth checking other components to be sure that was the only fault.

-- Tim Willard (, December 28, 2000.

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