On-Line Student Identity Verification

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QUESTION: What is a low/modest cost + relatively easy to implement/use (from student and administrator point of view) "solution" for verifying the identity of agent/reps (students) who complete on-line CE course? NOTE: Our courses are "completed" via a passing grade on a final exam.

BACKGROUND: My company is in the process of constructing an on-line university (school) in the financial services arena. Our target audience is dual licensed (National Association of Securities Dealers [NASD] reps and life agents) "agent/reps" who need to complete both insurance and securities (NASD Firm Element) continuing education courses. Insurance CE is state regulated and NASD CE (Firm Element) is the responsibility of the individual broker/dealers. Insurance and securities regulators have yet to adopt rigid rules/requirements for schools who provide agent/reps with CE credit. However, I anticipate that such rules/regs will soon be forthcoming and want to get out in front of them by insisting that our IT developers design/construct student "ID tools" along with an agent/rep (student) "affidavit of personal responsibility." I further anticipate that all financial services on-line CE schools will soon need to provide state insurance regulators and the NASD with evidence/proof that we have the ability to verify that a particular agent/rep (student) is indeed who he/she purports to be.

-- Dan Butterfield (butterd@essexny.com), December 27, 2000

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