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O.K. I know a lot of us suggest and practice staying out of the stores, malls, wal-mart as much as possible, but how many of you show up at Wal-Mart at midnight to get in on those red-light specials and what did you get? I've only done it a few times in my life, but not at mid-night. I know you can get some good bargains and if it's something you'll NEED and have to buy at regular price anyway later I say go for it! However, I don't care for the crowds and people snatching things out of my hands, don't think I need it that bad. so how many of you braved the crowds and got some good bargains and what did you get, and where? I might have gone this year but it's been pouring freezing rain and with the family slowly recupperating from illness opted not to try it.

-- Carol in Tx (, December 26, 2000


No and nothing.But I will eventually go somewhere to get next years Christmas cards.That's about it. pretty boring.

-- sharon wt (, December 26, 2000.

No, and I tried to stay out of stores before Christmas too! We went shopping for the family that my husband's civic club sponsored and that was about all we could handle. While we were there, we bought a couple of presents for those in our family that we couldn't make stuff for, but it just about killed us (well, not quite, but you know....)to have to buy stuff in stores. Eeeewwww.....I hate shopping.

-- sheepish (, December 26, 2000.

All the shops are closed here today- it is St. Steven....

....but if I was there I wouldn't go out!!

-- kelly (, December 26, 2000.

Gosh, I hate stores even for bargains. Hey kelly, what is St.Stephen ?

-- hillbilly (, December 26, 2000.

I did the after Christmas shopping today for the first time since I was a kid and went with my mother. Only one purchase in mind, an artificial tree. We decided this was the last time we were paying good money for a fresh tree that we'd toss out in a couple weeks. I found a nice tree at half price, also bought a couple of collectible type ornaments (half price) that will be part of my mom's Christmas gift next year. That was it. I hate being out in crowds.

-- Lenette (, December 26, 2000.

I was out delivering the newspapers at 5am, business as usual, and home by 6:15. I had to run out to deposit my Christmas tips (!!!) when the bank opened at 9am, and then I spent the entire day on the couch with back issues of COUNTRYSIDE. I don't think I would have gone shopping if the stuff was free! For some reason, I was doing some serious daydreaming about flea markets, yard sales, gardening, etc. As time goes on, and I get closer to achieving my goals, the less I want to be part of the insanity of instant gratification. (I don't mean that's what anyone else is doing, but it's been a problem for me most of my life.) I have 5 days off in a row from the store where I work, and all I want to do is hibernate! Only one more day to go....

Maybe some of you can relate to this; I've crossed the days off the calendar, one by one, for over a year, worked overtime whenever I could, and worked a second job, and scrimped and saved every cent whenever I could. I'm making double the minimum payments on the credit cards, and paying extra on my truck every month. I bought a small piece of land in October, and added a few more acres to it in November. It will take a lot more than a sale at WalMart to get me to ease up on my dream of being debt free and on my own land! Sometimes I feel dizzy with excitement at the fact that I'm really accomplishing this! Have I thanked you all lately? cause I could NOT do this without you!!

-- Cathy in NY (, December 26, 2000.

I did go out shopping today. I usually go out the day after Christmas to get sheets and towels and next years wrap and cards. This year I needed sheets for the house (they seem to disappear as children move out and in) and sheets for my college age daughter. I got good heavy flannel sheets for use here at home because the bedrooms don't get much heat-and you can't get those cheap so I go when they're on sale. I got a flannel pair for the college girl as well because they last so long and she may move out of the dorms next year-may be cold then. Also got her some new towels, hers seemed to disappear with roommates that move in and out. I got next years Christmas cards at Hallmark (I love pretty cards and I can afford 50% off) and then went to Goodwill and treated myself to 9 paperback novels for 25 cents each. A good shopping day in my book. I took one of the college girls here for the vacation with me (my house seems to collect children-mine and other people's as well) and we had fun people watching in the mall. She says you get to see a 'slice of humanity' in the mall this time of year. Happy bargain hunting. betty

-- betty modin (, December 26, 2000.

After all the help from ya'll about 'getting my mind right' I stayed home. Ok, I'll be honest-have the flu and couldn't leave even though it was killing me to miss the fun. I like crowds as I always seem to find some sweet person to kibbitz with while waiting in check out lines. I also had to re-think the buy it for next Christmas mentality as the new house has zero storage except for the barn and the barn is the hubby's plaything.Might get out this afternoon and buy some candy to put in freezer (like I need more calories!)

-- queen (, December 27, 2000.

Queen...hope you get better fast...the flu goin' around here is nasty. I stayed home, curled up in my chair, and drew cartoons. The publication that I do them for printed the last one in their last issue, and I didn't have time to do any more before Christmas. Hubby took the originals with him to get copies on the way, and mail that is off my shoulders. YEAH!!! I need to clean out my workroom today...I'll go shoping on Friday, when I get my paycheck, if it doesn't snow and if you guys leave me anything!!! :o)

-- Leann Banta (, December 27, 2000.

After holiday shopping here is for the birds. I would have to travel 100 miles south of here just to get to a town large anough to have a good assortment of sales. Besides we have enough stuff already. The rest we pick up when we need it. It's good to live simply. That and our house isn't large enough to store to many extras. Any one else doing the shopping fun, good luck hope you find what you wanted and I will stay out of your way!

-- michelle (, December 27, 2000.

No shopping here! Not the kind you would leave the house for. I won a few bargains on ebay with my Christmas money. I bought a couple of vintage aladdin lamps. On one hand they are a luxury but on the other hand could be quite useful if the need arose. I personally can't stand the crowds. I also can't think of anything we need right now.

My husband probably would have gone if he had been encouraged. He is sort of like his mother in this way. They both love to shop!

-- Denise (, December 27, 2000.

I was all ready to use my Christmas money to buy something I wanted but my husband surprised me by listening to me. I got a POWER DRILL. It even has a level in the handle. He gave me the works, drill bits, speed bores, screwdriver accessories. He told the whole family that I'm the only woman in US that wants power tools. He obiously doesn't read this forum.

-- Dee (, December 27, 2000.

Go Dee! A couple of years ago, I got a chainsaw. That caused quite an uproar! Everyone thought my partner had purchased it for himself, but no, it was what I had asked for. We all had a good laugh!

-- Laura Jensen (, December 28, 2000.

Dee, you are not the only woman in the U.S. who wants power tools! I asked for an upright sander to use for my woodcrafts and GOT IT! It was the #1 item on my Christmas list that I gave my husband, he also got me the lined work gloves I asked for, so see your not the only strange one. Happy Holidays

-- Toni in Idaho (, December 28, 2000.

Well, here's one woman in Canada who got a power the drill press I wanted! LOL! To go with my scroll saw and bench sander and Roto-zip saw...have always loved puttering around with wood projects, used to help my dad and my brother, guess that got me started. Only thing I really need now is a decent table saw, the one we bought at a yard sale is really loud. Like using the one Dad has, nice stable one, fairly quiet.

Anyhow, about these after-Christmas sales. I'm still waiting (impatiently) for our local Walmart to put the Christmas print Bounty paper towels on sale, for the past few years I get them for 1/2 price, buy enough to stock up for the entire year. We always buy t.p. and paper towels, kleenexes, etc. in bulk when they're on sale like that.

I usually get Christmas supplies this time of year, this year the sales have been lousy. Didn't find any wrapping paper that I like, or cards. Just bought a couple packages of those little ribbon bows. At the craft store I did get 4 of those big clear glass balls, want to try to put a little "scene" inside of them, something fun to play with. Also got a plain box to be decorated for storing photographs, both items were 1/2 price. Other than that, we haven't found anything we really need. Oh well, only about 4 months til the yard sale season is back in full swing!

-- Chelsea (, December 28, 2000.

Hello, I feel like an intruder because I haven't posted anything for months..just got overwhelmed with the internet and needed a rest. This has been an incredibly intense year for me so I tried very hard to keep Christmas simple and aviod the crowds, which I did. Then the day after Christmas I left to visit family- that's when the shopping horrors started! My sister is a shopoholic and if I don't shop with her it is a personal tragedy for her! She has a lot more money than I do and spends like crazy (I must add that she is very gererous) but it is mind boggling the things she buys- and I always feel like such a wierdo because I don't share her love of spending. I always patiently and sometimes not so patiently explain to her why I don't buy a lot of stuff but it always sounds so lame. Why wouldn't I like all this new beautiful stuff?? I know she thinks I'm making up excuses because I really couldn't buy like she does even if I wanted to, but I truly don't need a lot of stuff and don't enjoy shopping. I happened to mention to her that I would like to find a small wood stove- second hand- so of course we had to go to NEW wood stove stores- which was pointless because I can't afford a new one. Fortunalely this all happens only once of twice a year, and I do love her and try to be a happy shopper, but it is exhausting!! The highlight of our shopping trip today was we went wine tasting as well which took the edge off of it- yum! (her boyfriend was driving and NOT drinking) Anyway, it's nice to be back and Happy New Year Everyone. Chris

-- Chris Allen (, December 29, 2000.

We did go to K-Mart for some new sheets for our youngest daughter (she got a down comforter for Christmas with a white cover, and I wanted to get a couple of *dark* twin sheets to make a new cover for it). We also stopped at the Black and Decker store and got a new jigsaw -- at my request -- so you aren't the only women who buy tools!! (Needed it to build keyhole feeders for the new goats.) But we weren't out for very long, and I would've stayed home if there hadn't been a real need -- I don't enjoy shopping, it's not a recreational activity around our house.

-- Kathleen Sanderson (, December 30, 2000.

No, I don't like to shop either- don't like the crowds or the traffic, and our nearest town isn't even that big. I do like to go to the Menard's (home depot-type store). Dee, et al, I like power tools too. For Christmas this year I got a drywall hoist so I can put up sheetrock on the ceilings by myself. The only tool that I think I (we) still need is a planer/moulder so I can do our own woodwork. I guess this means that when I do shop, I shop BIG. Happy New Year! Oh yeah- Kelly's in Ireland if I remember correctly. St. Stephen's must be a Holiday, as in the feast of St. Stephen.

-- Peg (, December 30, 2000.

Yes, I gave in.I went Shoping yesterday but gokt thingd for next x-mas. Barret set for my 3 grand daughters, for $1.50 normaly $5. Xmas ornament kits 1 each normally $5. Cheap entertainment,left overs I can use for other projects. Fabric for $1.50 a yard!!! at Joanns.

-- redhen (, December 31, 2000.

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