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I have big probs in using the default keys in tracks & field for example. But if I set my own keys, when I have to record my game, deleting the .cfg files also removes my current key settings. Is there a workaround? Thanks

-- MadMat (, December 25, 2000


sometimes you might not have to remove the cfg files, usually removing the nvram files works alright. The cfg and nvram file removal (and recording with out sound) is only for the newer games that ask you to specify your birthday and intials before you play agame.

The other option is to copy the nvram files and cfg files before you record and include them into the zip file when you upload so that people can get the same machine state your computer was in when recording so playback is possible.

I believe for track and field you might not have to remove the cfg file, since i think it's only the nvram file that keeps the previos high event scores that modifies the total scoring.

thanks for recording with out sound on the offroad games, it's working perfectly.

-- Chad (, December 25, 2000.

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