Wishing You and Your's a Merry Christmas

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Your Holiday Cheer is here: http://cardrecipient.msn.com/v/fhCvSgq8ft

-- hillbilly (internethillbilly@hotmail.com), December 25, 2000


Thanks Hillbilly! Merry Christmas and Love to you too! Cindy and Steve

-- Cindy in Ky (solidrockranch@msn.com), December 25, 2000.

Maybe someone can help me figure out why I wasn't able to make that card a link? I messed up somewhere. Sorry.

-- hillbilly (internethillbilly@hotmail.com), December 25, 2000.

Thanks for the nice sentiment.And right back at Ya. I just copied and pasted to get there,so it was just fine.

-- sharon wt (wildflower@ekyol.com), December 25, 2000.

And a Merry Christmas to you, too!

-- Doreen (animalwaitress@excite.com), December 25, 2000.

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and Happy New year!!

-- Sandy(FL.) (MANDARINHILLBILLYS@prodigy.net), December 25, 2000.

Merry Christmas hillbilly, and to everyone at CS forum!!

-- Cathy in NY (hrnofplnty@yahoo.com), December 25, 2000.

May your hearts and thoughts be warm (even if the weather is COLD), and the New Year healthy and happy and filled with acknoledgement of God's blessings!!!!!

-- Leann Banta (thelionandlamb@hotmail.com), December 25, 2000.

Happy HO HO everybody!

-- Soni (thomkilroy@hotmail.com), December 25, 2000.



-- Cher Rovang (fullcircle@nidlink.com), December 25, 2000.

Nice touch Hillbilly! happy holidays and I must say I've enjoyed your posts!!! Love Ya ....Kirk

-- Kirk Davis (kirkay@yahoo.com), December 25, 2000.

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