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It's SOOOOOOOOOO cold out, i actually saw a politician with his hands in his OWN pockets !!!! now that's cold !!!


-- gene ward (, December 24, 2000


I don't think it can get that cold. Last time I checked the politicians were all keeping their paws warm in my

-- Amanda in Mo (, December 24, 2000.

My DH came up from the basement complaining about it was so cold downstairs. It seames that he was trying to save money and closed of all the vents downstairs. GRRRRRRRR, or rather Berrrrrrrr

-- redhen (, December 24, 2000.

Whata gona doo when winter get's here? :)

-- hillbilly (, December 24, 2000.

Tomorrow, Christmas day, it's only gonna be a little above zero, so I'm planning on trying that "throw the water in the air" trick. We should all try it, and report back here! Geez, my life is exciting!

-- Cathy in (single-digit) NY (, December 24, 2000.

cold?...up here it's so cold that when we talk our words come out frozen, so we have to put them in the frying pan and thaw them out to find out what we're saying....

-- zhitnik (, December 27, 2000.

Zhitnik....Jeezesh! You must be one of those people that do everything the hard way. Why don't you just lay the frozen words out in a line on the snow and read em'? LOL

-- Judith (, December 30, 2000.

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