What's the best gift you've ever received?

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This question is simple.

What's the best gift you've ever received?

-- suzen green (suzen@neuki.com), December 22, 2000



-- amanda (amanda@shrapnel.org), December 23, 2000.

in a couple days, you

-- austin (bggsperstr@prodigy.net), December 23, 2000.

A dozen long stemmed red roses the day before my birthday. It sounds so hokey, but after I received them I swear I couldn't breathe. I went into my house and nearly hyperventilated and screamed and such. Let's just say the guy...well...the fact that they were from him was the most important part.

-- Tiffany (mapleberry@hotmail.com), December 23, 2000.

One of my best friends gave me a photo of the two of us together. It was just perfect. I love it. :)

-- Kirsten (insightly@bombdiggity.com), December 24, 2000.

the best gift anyone has given me, is when my parents went out to get a bone from my one doggy heidi and came back with a chocolate lab puppy. it is my favourite kind of dog and it was such a suprise.

-- kirsten (number two) (kirstybirsty@hotmail.com), December 25, 2000.

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