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How can I market my services as a recruiter without the help of all the snazzy new technology and marketing efforts?

-- marniesheia perrymond (, December 21, 2000


Marniesheia, to market your business is a boring activity requires constant and perpetual effort. People only try to make it snazzy just as kids get a spoonful of sugar, to let the medicine go down. I've left you two links that might be instructive about marketing from a personal epicenter and you will read from this that there is nothing snazzy about marketing, effective marketing requires diligence and attention and a constant nose to sniff out potential opportunities to present your company and your services:

This is a marketing checklist for lawyers that I think can be applicable for recruiting companies as well:

Promoting your business on a shoestring budget:



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-- Mark Zorro (, December 21, 2000.

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