Lost and Found: decorative flag, roof shingles

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During the high winds last week, someone's decorative flag wound up in the brush at the corner of Ridgepoint Place and Chestertown Street. If this flag belongs to you, you can pick it up at the clubhouse (where we turned it in). If you know anyone who lost a flag during the windstorm, please pass the word on.

We also found several shingles from a roof in our yard. It turned out that these were ripped from a neighbor's house during the high winds referred to above. It would not have occurred to me to check our roof after the winds--might not be a bad idea to do that. The shingles in question were ripped from the topmost portion of the roof, i.e., the apex.

-- Mary N. Macdonald (mnmacd@his.com), December 20, 2000

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