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Have you seen the postmarks? Happy Wholidays. The post office has gone all weird and grinchy...

Anyhow, are you going anywhere cool? Doing anything fun? I'm going to spend Christmas Eve running the show again, and then I think we're going to my grandparents' house in Virginia Beach for Christmas itself...

-- Sarah (, December 20, 2000


I am going to give presents to people who are important in my life and then open up all of the presents that were given to me on Christmas morning (despite the fact that Yule is actually the Friday before). I am SUCH a rebel!

-- The Archangel Mikey G. (, December 21, 2000.

Nothing. I'm not doing Christmas this year.

Katie Day is the 26th, though. Yay. It was supposed to be the 19th, but had to be rescheduled. Oh well...

-- Katie (, December 21, 2000.

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