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We're currently into developing a B2B site for an engineering company that undertakes projects on a turnkey basis. Now what I need is to create awareness about this site and also make it more interactive; in the sense that it should community centric (not commerce, given tyhe size of the equipment it next to impossible to make a sale On-line). They've already got a an On-line Newsletter, Discussion board, Is there anything you we can do to add value to the site.

-- cybergysies (, December 19, 2000



This may be totally useless to you, but I figured I'd post it anyway, just on the off chance that it would give you some good ideas...

In another discussion on FC someone posted the address to the Boeing site as an example of a profit making Web site. ( Take a look around there. No interactivity. Really big equipment. Hmmm...

(OK, yeah, I know that they have a name that helps here. But maybe a mixture between the Boeing approach and the "community" approach that you were considering has some merit?)

- elizabeth

-- Elizabeth Rennison (, December 19, 2000.

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