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-- ER Online (, December 18, 2000


I have only been able to read reviews of the new series of ER as it is not on in England yet, and by reading the reviews I would say that it is healthy that he has fallen off the wagon, so he will take the AA/NA meetings that he attends more seriously and that he might need a lot more help in getting over his addiction than just attending the meetings.I also hope that he confesses to Kerry that he took the drugs,as she seems to be the only one of his superiors to show him any support.

-- Elizabeth Hill (, December 21, 2000.

Again, I've only read the summaries/reviews because I live in England and the only epi we've had up to now has been Homecoming. I'm not sure which one we're talking about here, but if it's 'The Greatest of Gifts' (if it's 'Rock, Paper, Scissors', this will be totally irrelevant, because I have no idea what happened in that), I don't exactly think it's healthy for Carter to have fallen off the wagon, and I think we would all have preferred it if he had made a full recovery and never put a foot wrong. However, it's been made more realistic by the fact that he did - he said in 'Homecoming' that he wasn't going to let it beat him, and I really hope it doesn't, but as his counselor, or whoever that guy was, told him, 'That's what I said the first three times.' The thing was, he knew what he had done, and he regurgitated them and gave them to Abby. I'm not a doctor, a psychiatrist, or a drug addict, but I would say that all of this means that he is *recovering*, and hopefully the event will speed up the process, as it may mean he actually pays attention at his NA meetings, rather than treating them as an obligation.

-- Elizabeth Routledge (, January 21, 2001.

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