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-- ER Online (, December 18, 2000


in a way i want him to die (although it will be really upsetting!) because 1)it will be a really good story line watching elizabeth and racheal dealling with it and 2)because doug and carol will HAVE to come back for a funeral so we will get to see them and the girls again.

-- cara petty (, December 22, 2000.


According to Wanda, the E! Online television gossip columnist, Anthony Edwards wants to be released from his contract (at a cost to him of about $30M), and so has arranged that the Mark Greene character die of complications from his cancer during May sweeps in the US. At the same time Elizabeth will be giving birth, so they plan to wring every bit of melodrama from these events. Wanda usually gets her scoops from the networks or show production companies, so this info is probably fairly reliable. And George Clooney has already gone on record saying that although he has no desire to return to ER, if the Mark character does die he wants to be there as Doug Ross exhorting him to "turn toward the light!" I for one will miss Mark/Edwards greatly if he does go...

-- sabrina (, January 22, 2001.

Note -Anthony Edwards will be leaving NEXT season, which is when his contract runs out. He has asked to be let go BEFORE season's end.This does probably mean the brain tumor will come back. I'm bummed, seriously bummed. But I'm sure this will be a good storyline, especially in re: to Lizzie and Rachel.

-- vince f smith (, January 28, 2001.

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