What filter to remove sediment?

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I need to put some kind of filter between my spring and my holding tank. (1 1/2 inch line) When we have heavy rains the water gets cloudy. I need the filter to not require any energy source and to not require much pressure in order to work. There is a 5 foot drop between where I collect the water and the holding tank. It then drops 75 feet to the house. I would prefer to filer the water before the holding tank but if necessary I could filter it at the house. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks, Doug

-- Doug Shutes (toadshutes@yahoo.com), December 18, 2000


We have a filter at my power plant called a "Hydrodarco". It is a big tank and is layered with various sizes of rocks and sand. The water flows into the filter and passes over the rocks first. The rocks are layed in with the largest first and get progressively smaller until the sand layer. We process about 50gpm with this filter. If we try to push a higher flow rate sand particles make it through the screen at the output and clog up my flow meters and solenoid valves. You might try something similar to this using a food-grade plastic 55 gallon drum and a fine mesh stainless steel screen.

-- skip(tx) (pococj@aol.com), December 22, 2000.

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