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I am in a similar situation my now wife had left her boyfriend ,then he tried to take over mortgage ,fell into arrears,signed in court agreeing to accept all resonceability for debt. Obtained court order to force sale of property from him .sold.then n+P(abbey nat) stopped sale due to shortfall of 1500.00 .Then repososessed and then sold 4- 6 weeks later at 10,000+ less than she had sold it for. Now after 6 or more years chasing 18000.00. I own my home,she does not work ,fulltime mum 2 children if she pays it is me paying as i support all my family .They have offered to settle this for 3000.00 Is this fair as the debt has been created by her former boyfriend.

-- steve walton (, December 18, 2000


Response to abbey stopped sale for £1500.00 then chased £18000.00

Dear Steve,

I had an experience similar to your wife's(for details, read 'Stitched up a treat by the Bradford and Bingley' further down the page).

In my opinion, you should read - and act upon - the advice given in this website. I only wish that I'd discovered HRP years ago! It would be very interesting to discover their excuse for actively creating a shortfall of 10,000 plus, so please keep the site posted as to your progress.

Good luck and very best wishes. Catherine.

-- Catherine Adams (, December 18, 2000.

Response to abbey stopped sale for £1500.00 then chased £18000.00

hi Steve,

I dont have an answer for you but i justed wanted to say that i too have recently been chased for a repossession shortfall which took place just over 6 years ago. I have just found this web site this week and I have learnt heaps of stuff about my rights and how the lenders operate. I would advice you to have a good read through all the info. - the one thing that really screamed out to me was - DONT FILL IN THE INCOME AND EXPE. FORM - you could do your self more harm than good.

Chin up


-- zena ecott (, December 19, 2000.

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