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Hello all,

Tonight I got some very unusual staining on some prints. I printed on Ilford MGWT semi-matte, fixed in Ilford Universal fixer, soaked in Permawash, then washed for an hour. Then I toned in Viradon for 45 seconds, stopped toning with Ilford Universal Wash Aid 1:4, and washed for another hour. The prints looked fine after toning, but when I got them out of the print washer, they had orange stains on them. It only happened to the last two prints I did tonight. I had been printing on the same paper but in a gloss surface earlier in the night and got no stains. I'm thinking maybe my fixer was exausted and it's just a coincident that it showed up on my final two prints after I'd switched paper. I find it odd that the stains didn't show up until *after* the final wash.

Any ideas?

--Brad Daly

-- Brad Daly (, December 18, 2000


45 sec. is very short for Viradon, especially when you use a strong dilution.

-- Marc Leest (, December 18, 2000.

AFAIK, Agfa recommends sulfite solution to stop toning, and I'm not sure if Ilford's Wash Aid is indeed sulfite-based. Also, the toning time is indeed very short. So it might be that the stains are in fact areas where the toning proceeded a bit further than in the rest of the print.

Regards, Thomas Wollstein (

-- Thomas Wollstein (, December 19, 2000.

According to the AGFA web site, Viradon contains both selenium and sulphur compounds. I found a formula in the Darkroom Cookbook for testing for residual silver in prints....meaning incomplete fixing. The main formula is sodium sulfide (a sulphur compound). A brown stain occurs if there is still silver in the print. The alternative formula is 10% selenium toner. Residual silver is indicated by a red stain. Sounds like exhausted fixer is the culprit.

-- Jim Snyder (, December 21, 2000.

Actually the test is for residual silver HALIDE. If there was no residual silver, there would be no image.

But it does sound like exhausted fixer.

-- Terry Carraway (, December 23, 2000.

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