What is "gelatin" silver print?

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I have seen advertisements to buy gelatin silver prints. What does the gelatin mean? Is this just a fancy name for a FB print or does it mean RC print? Thanks!

-- Bryan (photoville@yahoo.com), December 17, 2000


Gelatin in the main material of emulsion. The silver halide is suspended in gelatin and coated onto the paper or film.

It is a fancy name for a regular B&W print. The term started being used to differentiate between these and alternative processes like platinum printing.

-- Terry Carraway (TCarraway@compuserve.com), December 17, 2000.

It is a fancy name for what is now the B&W standard. In the past, silver would have been suspended in any of several different substances.

-- Ed Farmer (photography2k@hotmail.com), December 18, 2000.

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