Leonard Peltier (Pelletier)

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Those of you who are able and interested, please put Leonard's name into your search engine and read all you can about this man.

-- Rose Marie Wild (wintersongfarm@yahoo.com), December 16, 2000


Why ? Maybe I'm slow .The name seems like I have heard it before .

-- Patty (fodfarms@slic.com), December 16, 2000.

Patty, he is an Indian convicted of killing two FBI agents on the Pine Ridge Reservation a long time ago. I believe he is seeking a pardon for his crime.

-- Laura (gsend@hotmail.com), December 17, 2000.

Many, many people believe he was not given a fair trial and that evidence was suppressed. He says he is not guilty. The FBI is equally adament that he was/is guilty and vehemently oppose him even being considered for parole. There are lots of websites for both viewpoints.

-- Joy Froelich (dragnfly@chorus.net), December 17, 2000.

My hometown was lees than 30 miles from Wounded Knee. Many "whites" were threatened with physical violence during the 1973 uprising. Mr. Pelletier being a liar and a murderer, needs to take responsibility for his actions. The American public needs to wake up and quit defending a person who brutally murders two Federal agents and expects us to believe he has been wrongly persecuted by the "white man".

-- Todd Annett (njhusker@yahoo.com), February 03, 2001.

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