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I am looking for a AC power source for the Minolta 1200 Af macro flash. The Minolta number for such a power pack is "AC 1000". Are they still available? Is there a aftermarket product available?

I am also looking for a portaable high capacity battey pack for the 5600HS flash - Minolta no longer makes one.

Jeff Alexander

-- Jeffrey Alexander (jalexan4@columbus.rr.com), December 16, 2000


I have the 5400 HS and use the Quantum Turbo battery back. It works like a charm, the flash is ready instantly after each shot. It does, of course, require a fairly heavy coiled cable between the pack and the flash. And I still need to keep batteries in the 5400HS, although they are not used to charge the capacitor.

I am interested in obtaining another flash, and have tried to find some information about the 5600HS. There is nothing on the Minolta web site about it. I gather it is for the Maxxum 7. I have the Maxxum 9. Will the 5600HS work with the Maxxum 9? Would there be any advantage to buying the 5600HS as my second flash instead of another 5400HS? I understand the 5600HS has a great light output.

-- Joseph Allen Worrall Jr. MD (jworrall@alaska.net), December 18, 2000.

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