iiiiiiit's Christmas!

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Do you feel Christmasy yet? If so, when did it kick in?

-- Tim (tim@almighty.co.uk), December 16, 2000


Nope. I honestly think you have to be hypnotised to enter the altered state of mind required to actually enjoy Christmas. Flashing lights are a common technique, as is tinsel in direct sunlight. I refuse to be put under the spell. Bah humbug! (And a happy new year)

-- Alex Shaw (alexsh@impluvium.net), December 16, 2000.

It's a tad difficult to feel Christmasy in the tropics. Really. Find yourself standing at the sky train station decorated with poinsettias, watching a Christmas tree made of wind-chimes in front of the mall below you, while carols are blasted and the sun is burning down on your skin. I suppose I'm beginning to feel Christmasy, but that might last about as long as my three days off from school before I head back for my finals. Who ever heard of finals during Christmas? Nevermind. What were we talking about? Oh, Christmas. Yes...ho ho ho and be good and stuff, 'cause Santa the Stalker is watching you when you're sleeping and knows when you're naughty. That *is* freaky when you think about it, isn't it? Okay, I'm shutting up now. :)

-- Rasee (lilwitch@poetic.com), December 16, 2000.

I don't feel Christmasy yet. That depresses me, that I know Christmas is in nine days and I don't feel Christmasy at all. I think I'm feeling non-Christmasy because my mom (who usually does NOT get into the Christmas spirit) is all excited about it. So I'm not. Waaah.

-- Haley (hawkgirl13@hotmail.com), December 16, 2000.

I'm not really. we have no tree. no decorations. nada. the most xmas-y thing I saw was the lights flashing in my window from the neighbours next door.

I do hope we get a tree but it looks unlikely. I did order myself my gifts though; that was fun.

-- Amber (starlight@wellyeah.org), December 16, 2000.

It's 85 degrees out. It's not Christmas.

Nothing feels like anything in Florida. It's not a birthday. It's hot. It's not Christmas. There's a palm tree.


-- Krys (krysten@geek.com), December 16, 2000.

No, but then I never do. Getting exactly 8 Christmas cards (2 of which came from my travel agents) wasn't very helpful, though. There was a blizzard here last night, but that only made me feel confused, since it was lovely and sunny in Canterbury. Mimph.

-- Zed (zed@swansongs.net), December 17, 2000.


and i'm extremely disturbed about it.

-- dee (earthangel@arkansas.net), December 17, 2000.

Interesting... nobody feels like Christmas. I don't, either, for the same reasons everyone else stated... no tree, spending Xmas in Florida, etc. I've noticed a general decline in Christmas hoo-haa over the past few years though. I thought it was because I was getting older and jaded (at my ripe old 23, yeeha), but I think people are finally getting just annoyed with the whole over-commercialization thing. And it's about time.

Now if we can just convince the phone companies to stop squabbling.

-- Angelala (smashmole@home.com), December 17, 2000.

I'm feeling incredibly Christmassy this year!

Unfortunately, as it goes, I'm Jewish.

No way to win this season, is there?


-- Carly (michiruka@excite.com), December 17, 2000.

I'm feeling Christmasy. It started yesterday, when I realized that I was flat broke after buying everyone presents. Yes, yes, yes.

-- Kate (frozenfire@chek.com), December 18, 2000.

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